Table of Contents

Preface.- Acknowledgements.- Notes about Authors.- A Historical Gaze at the Mathematical Aesthetic, by Nathalie Sinclair and David Pimm.-Chapter 1 Aesthetics for the Working Mathematician, by Jonathan M. Borwein.- Chapter 2 Beauty and Truth in Mathematics, by Doris Schattschneider.- Chapter 3 Experiencing Meanings in Geometry, by David W. Henderson and Daina Taimina.- Chapter 4 The Aesthetic Sensibilities of Mathematicians, by Nathalie Sinclair.- Chapter 5 The Meaning of Pattern, by Martin Schiralli.- Chapter 6 Mathematics, Aesthetics and Being Human, William Higginson.- Chapter 7 Mechanism and Magic in the Psychology of Dynamic Geometry, by R. Nicholas Jackiw.- Chapter 8 Drawing on the Image in Mathematics and Art, by David Pimm.- Chapter 9 Sensible Objects, by Dick Tahta.- Chapter 10 Aesthetics and the ‘Mathematical Mind’ by David Pimm and Nathalie Sinclair.- References.- Index of Names.- Index.-