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[last updated October 16, 2019]


President of the CMS, Mark Lewis (Alberta)
President Elect of the CMS, Javad Mashreghi (Laval)
Vice-President - Atlantic, Sara Faridi (Dalhousie)
Vice-President - Quebec, Matilde Lalin (Montréal)
Vice-President - Ontario, Monica Nevins (Ottawa)
Vice-President - West, Gerda de Vries (Alberta)
Vice-President - Pacific, Malabika Pramanik (UBC Vancouver)
Treasurer of the CMS, David Oakden
Corporate Secretary of the CMS, Termeh Kousha (CMS)

Committee Chairs:

Chair of the Education Committee, Joseph Khoury (Ottawa)
Chair of the Committee on Education Materials on the CMS Web Site, Vacancy
Chair of the Committee on Grants for Provincial Competitions, Brian Forrest (Waterloo)
Chair of the Math Camps Committee, Joseph Khoury (Ottawa)
Chair of the Selection Committee for the Adrien Pouliot Award, Joseph Khoury (Ottawa)
Chair of the Selection Committee for the Teaching Award, Darja Barr (Manitoba)

Chair of the Endowment Grants Committee, Franco Saliola (UQAM)
Chair of the Finance Committee, Bradd Hart (McMaster)
Chair of the International Affairs Committee, Martin Barlow (UBC Vancouver)
Chair of the Invested Funds Committee, David Saunders (Waterloo)
Chair of the Mathematical Competitions Committee, Dorothea Pronk (Dalhousie)
Chair of the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Committee, Alina Stancu (Concordia)
Co-Chair of the International Mathematical Olympiad Committee, James Rickards, Jacob Tsimerman (Toronto)
Chair of the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge Committee, Robert Woodrow (Calgary)

Chair of the Nominating Committee, David Pike (Memorial)
Chair of the Publications Committee, Javad Mashreghi (Laval)
Chair of the Research Committee, Kai Behrend (UBC Vancouver)
Chair of the Doctoral Prize Selection Committee, Alina Stancu (Concordia)

Co-Chair of the Student Committee, Yuliya Nesterova (Queen's)
Chair of the Women in Mathematics Committee, Vacancy
Chair of the Distinguished Awards Selection Committee, Mark Lewis (Alberta)


Editors-in-Chief of Canadian Journal of Mathematics, Louigi Addario-Berry (McGill), Eyal Goren (McGill)
Editors-in-Chief of Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, Jie Xiao (Memorial), Xiaoqiang Zhao (Memorial)
Editors-in-Chief of CMS Books in Mathematics Series, Karl Dilcher (Dalhousie), Keith Taylor (Dalhousie)
Editor-in-Chief of Crux Mathematicorum, Kseniya Garaschuk (Fraser Valley)
Editors-in-Chief of CMS Notes, Robert Dawson (St. Mary's), Srinivasa Swaminathan (Dalhousie)
Editor-in-Chief of CMS Treatises in Mathematics, Vacancy
Editor-in-Chief of ATOM, Vacancy
Managing Editor (of all CMS publications), Denise Charron (CMS)
Technical Editor, Craig Platt (Manitoba)
Editor - Student Newsletter, Asmita Sodhi (Dalhousie)

Comité exécutif, président(e)s des comités et rédacteurs en chef de la SMC

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