Problem Sets for Proctor Download

This page is intended for registered proctors to download and print the official Problem Sets for the CMO and the CJMO.   It is closely guarded and only released just prior to the competition period, to minimize the risk of cheating.

The Problem Set is two (2) pages long in PDF format.  Please print this for your student(s) immediately prior to the competition.

Not yet!

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled start of the CMO and CJMO, this web page will be updated with links to the PDF files containing the actual problem sets.

Come back/refresh this page on: Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 11:45 EST (see other timezones).

If this time has passed, please Refresh/Reload this page in your browser.

Choose the Right Competition Below!

Choose the Right Competition Below!

CMO – Canadian Mathematical Olympiad

CJMO – Canadian Junior Mathematical Olympiad