The Math Olympian – Gray Jay 2021 Sponsor

Cover image of The Math Olympian book

“An outstanding story of a Canadian high school student reaching for the pinnacle of mathematical problem solving competitions”

The Math Olympian  is a book that tells the tale of Bethany MacDonald, a small-town girl in Nova Scotia who trains to represent Canada at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

The author, Richard Hoshino, is himself a former competitor on Math Team Canada at the IMO, as well as a team leader, public speaker, and now, mathematics professor in Canada.  He’s volunteered countless hours with the Canadian Mathematical Society and other organizations to discover and develop math talent in our country.  He’s also provided a number of copies of his book to be given out to official Canadian participants in the Gray Jay through a random draw (all such competitors are automatically included).

Thank you, Richard!