Date and Time

This year’s Canada Jay will take place on Thursday, November 16th in Canada and the Americas (anywhere in North/South American time zones), and on Friday, November 17th elsewhere in the world.


Registration is open!  Normally, all registration is done by teachers or school staff using their Portal.

* Deadline for registration for paper copies being shipped is November 3rd, 2023.
* Deadline for registration for PDF or Online is November 10th, 2023.

We permit cancellations up until the applicable registration deadlines, but there is a 10% service charge we retain.

Participating Schools & Organizations

* All payments must be received by November 10th, 2023.

Please note: When ordering exams within the Teacher’s Portal, we kindly ask to fill in student information such as name, school, etc. prior to the registration deadline.

Prior to 2023, we had an older system.  It’s still online so schools wanting to access their historical information still can.


  • The new Portal system doesn’t have the old years’ data on it, but the old system is still running.  You can access the old portal here.
  • Remember: Teachers log into the old portal using their old school ID codes and their old passwords.  
  • One cannot register for new competitions using the old system.

Independent Students

Only for students whose school is not participating.

Some of our university partners are hosting an Open Writing Centre (OWC) for interested students whose schools are not participating through a teacher. 

If this describes you, then you use the Independent Student Portal below, choose an OWC with space available and pay for it online by PayPal or credit card. 

The OWCs are In Person which means students gather at a designated time and room at the university where the competition will be administered. Further information about Independent Students is in our Student FAQ.

Note: Your spot is reserved only if you’ve paid for it.


Note: University of Toronto also offers an In-Person OWC but registration is handled separately through their Outreach program.
If interested, please click the link above and follow the steps to view availability.

Online or On Paper

Most schools will participate in the Canada Jay using our “Online” option.  This is where students are assembled in a classroom with a teacher/proctor and computers or tablets where the questions appear and they record their responses.

Alternatively, schools can write the competition on paper instead.  The students receive a printed booklet with the questions and response choices as well as a Student Answer Sheet where they record their own responses.  The CMS can send these materials to the teacher/proctor as PDF files (“PDF Delivery”) or can print them and ship them to schools by courier (“Shipped by Courier”).  Shipping by courier is only available to destinations in Canada.  When schools use the paper method instead of the online method, they have to scan the student answer sheets and upload those scans to CMS for official marking and certification.

Rates and Delivery Methods

The CMS has always prioritized the mathematical enrichment of students and has worked hard to ensure the accessibility of resources to all students. While we have kept the price of the competition the same since 2020, the costs incurred by the Society to create, print, ship, administrate, and mark the exams have increased considerably as a result of inflation. The CMS will continue subsidizing the cost of the competition, but is compelled to raise the price of the exam this year to ensure its continuation. We appreciate your understanding.

Online PDF Delivery Shipped by Courier
School Location Cost/exam Minimum order size Cost/exam Minimum order size Cost/exam Minimum order size
Canada $12 CAD 3 $12 CAD 3 $15 CAD 5
Outside Canada $15 USD 5 $15 USD 5 Not available.


The CMS hopes to encourage students to challenge themselves in mathematics through the CJMC! Please consider downloading and printing any of the materials below for display at your school or promoting the competition online.


Please see our FAQ page.