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Volume 56 (2013)
  Semiclassical Limits of Eigenfunctions on Flat $n$-Dimensional Tori
Aïssiou, Tayeb
13   Ordering the Representations of $S_n$ Using the Interchange Process
Alon, Gil; Kozma, Gady
31   Derivations and Valuation Rings
Ayuso, Fortuny P.
39   Comparison Theorem for Conjugate Points of a Fourth-order Linear Differential Equation
Ben Amara, Jamel
44   Polystable Parabolic Principal $G$-Bundles and Hermitian-Einstein Connections
Biswas, Indranil; Dey, Arijit
55   Cliquishness and Quasicontinuity of Two-Variable Maps
Bouziad, A.
65   The Uncomplemented Subspace $\mathbf K(X,Y) $
Ghenciu, Ioana
70   An Asymptotic Bound on the Composition Number of Integer Sums of Squares Formulas
Hrubeš, P.; Wigderson, A.; Yehudayoff, A.
80   Three Fixed Point Theorems: Periodic Solutions of a Volterra Type Integral Equation with Infinite Heredity
Islam, Muhammad N.
92   On Perturbations of Continuous Maps
Jacob, Benoît
102   Eigenvalue Approach to Even Order System Periodic Boundary Value Problems
Kong, Qingkai; Wang, Min
116   Central Extensions of Loop Groups and Obstruction to Pre-Quantization
Krepski, Derek
127   Evolution of Eigenvalues along Rescaled Ricci Flow
Li, Junfang
136   On Constructing Ergodic Hyperfinite Equivalence Relations of Non-Product Type
Munteanu, Radu-Bogdan
148   On the Gras Conjecture for Imaginary Quadratic Fields
Oukhaba, Hassan; Viguié, Stéphane
161   An Extension of the Dirichlet Density for Sets of Gaussian Integers
Rêgo, L. C.; Cintra, R. J.
173   Semi-invariant Submersions from Almost Hermitian Manifolds
Sahin, Bayram
184   On Some Non-Riemannian Quantities in Finsler Geometry
Shen, Zhongmin
194   On the Smallest and Largest Zeros of Müntz-Legendre Polynomials
Stefánsson, Úlfar F.
203   Productively Lindelöf Spaces May All Be $D$
Tall, Franklin D.
213   A Locally Compact Non Divisible Abelian Group Whose Character Group Is Torsion Free and Divisible
Tausk, Daniel V.
218   Functional Equations and Fourier Analysis
Yang, Dilian
225   On the Notion of Visibility of Torsors
Agashe, Amod
229   Cesàro Operators on the Hardy Spaces of the Half-Plane
Arvanitidis, Athanasios G.; Siskakis, Aristomenis G.
241   Versions of Schwarz's Lemma for Condenser Capacity and Inner Radius
Betsakos, Dimitrios; Pouliasis, Stamatis
251   Sign Changes of the Liouville Function on Quadratics
Borwein, Peter; Choi, Stephen K. K.; Ganguli, Himadri
258   The Smallest Pisot Element in the Field of Formal Power Series Over a Finite Field
Chandoul, A.; Jellali, M.; Mkaouar, M.
265   Embedding Distributions of Generalized Fan Graphs
Chen, Yichao; Mansour, Toufik; Zou, Qian
272   On Super Weakly Compact Convex Sets and Representation of the Dual of the Normed Semigroup They Generate
Cheng, Lixin; Luo, Zhenghua; Zhou, Yu
283   Transcendental Solutions of a Class of Minimal Functional Equations
Coons, Michael
292   Quasisymmetrically Minimal Moran Sets
Dai, Mei-Feng
306   Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Projective Space Whose Structure Jacobi Operator is Lie $\mathbb{D}$-parallel
Pérez, Juan de Dios; Suh, Young Jin
317   A Note on Conjectures of F. Galvin and R. Rado
Dorais, François G.
326   Restricting Fourier Transforms of Measures to Curves in $\mathbb R^2$
Erdoğan, M. Burak; Oberlin, Daniel M.
337   Certain Properties of $K_0$-monoids Preserved by Tracial Approximation
Fan, Qingzhai
344   Involutions and Anticommutativity in Group Rings
Goodaire, Edgar G.; Milies, César Polcino
354   The Sizes of Rearrangements of Cantor Sets
Hare, Kathryn E.; Mendivil, Franklin; Zuberman, Leandro
366   Multiple Solutions for Nonlinear Periodic Problems
Kyritsi, Sophia Th.; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
378   Sharp Threshold of the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation with Trapped Dipolar Quantum Gases
Ma, Li; Wang, Jing
388   Application of Measure of Noncompactness to Infinite Systems of Differential Equations
Mursaleen, M.
395   Coessential Abelianization Morphisms in the Category of Groups
Oancea, D.
400   A Factorization Theorem for Multiplier Algebras of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
Prunaru, Bebe
407   On Domination in Zero-Divisor Graphs
Rad, Nader Jafari; Jafari, Sayyed Heidar; Mojdeh, Doost Ali
412   Structure in Sets with Logarithmic Doubling
Sanders, T.
424   Convergent Sequences in Discrete Groups
Thom, Andreas
434   Some Remarks on the Algebraic Sum of Ideals and Riesz Subspaces
Wnuk, Witold
442   Closed Left Ideal Decompositions of $U(G)$
Zelenyuk, Yevhen
449   The $f$-Chromatic Index of a Graph Whose $f$-Core has Maximum Degree $2$
Akbari, S.; Chavooshi, M.; Ghanbari, M.; Zare, S.
459   On Certain Multivariable Subnormal Weighted Shifts and their Duals
Athavale, Ameer; Patil, Pramod
466   Inclusion Relations for New Function Spaces on Riemann Surfaces
Aulaskari, Rauno; Rättyä, Jouni
477   Hypercyclic Abelian Groups of Affine Maps on $\mathbb{C}^{n}$
Ayadi, Adlene
491   A Note on Homological Dimensions of Artinian Local Cohomology Modules
Bahmanpour, Kamal
500   The Lang--Weil Estimate for Cubic Hypersurfaces
Browning, T. D.
503   Weak Sequential Completeness of $\mathcal K(X,Y)$
Bu, Qingying
510   Linear Forms in Monic Integer Polynomials
Dubickas, Artūras
520   Equivariant Forms: Structure and Geometry
Elbasraoui, Abdelkrim; Sebbar, Abdellah
534   A Cohomological Property of $\pi$-invariant Elements
Filali, M.; Monfared, M. Sangani
544   Universally Overconvergent Power Series via the Riemann Zeta-function
Gauthier, P. M.
551   Real Dimension Groups
Handelman, David
564   Ziegler's Indecomposability Criterion
Herzog, Ivo
570   Conjugacy Classes and Binary Quadratic Forms for the Hecke Groups
Hoang, Giabao; Ressler, Wendell
584   On Automorphisms and Commutativity in Semiprime Rings
Liau, Pao-Kuei; Liu, Cheng-Kai
593   On the $p$-norm of an Integral Operator in the Half Plane
Liu, Congwen; Zhou, Lifang
602   Resultants of Chebyshev Polynomials: A Short Proof
Louboutin, Stéphane R.
606   Characterization of Simple Highest Weight Modules
Mazorchuk, Volodymyr; Zhao, Kaiming
615   Randers Metrics of Constant Scalar Curvature
Sevim, Esra Sengelen; Shen, Zhongmin
621   Optimal Control Strategies for Virus Spreading in Inhomogeneous Epidemic Dynamics
Shang, Yilun
630   Inverse Semigroups and Sheu's Groupoid for the Odd Dimensional Quantum Spheres
Sundar, S.
640   Regulator Indecomposable Cycles on a Product of Elliptic Curves
Türkmen, İnan Utku
647   On Induced Representations Distinguished by Orthogonal Groups
Valverde, Cesar
659   Asymptotics and Uniqueness of Travelling Waves for Non-Monotone Delayed Systems on 2D Lattices
Yu, Zhi-Xian; Mei, Ming
673   Diophantine Approximation for Certain Algebraic Formal Power Series in Positive Characteristic
Ayadi, K.; Hbaib, M.; Mahjoub, F.
683   Envelope Dimension of Modules and the Simplified Radical Formula
Nikseresht, A.; Azizi, A.
695   Carmichael meets Chebotarev
Banks, William D.; Güloğlu, Ahmet M.; Yeager, Aaron M.
709   Universal Minimal Flows of Groups of Automorphisms of Uncountable Structures
Bartošová, Dana
723   On the Sum of Digits of Numerators of Bernoulli Numbers
Bérczes, Attila; Luca, Florian
729   The Orthonormal Dilation Property for Abstract Parseval Wavelet Frames
Currey, B.; Mayeli, A.
737   On the Radius of Comparison of a Commutative C*-algebra
Elliott, George A.; Niu, Zhuang
745   Dimension Functions of Self-Affine Scaling Sets
Fu, Xiaoye; Gabardo, Jean-Pierre
759   A Generalization of a Theorem of Boyd and Lawton
Issa, Zahraa; Lalín, Matilde
769   A Non-zero Value Shared by an Entire Function and its Linear Differential Polynomials
Lahiri, Indrajit; Kaish, Imrul
785   Small Prime Solutions to Cubic Diophantine Equations
Liu, Zhixin
795   Upper Bounds for the Essential Dimension of $E_7$
MacDonald, Mark L.
801   Estimates for Compositions of Maximal Operators with Singular Integrals
Oberlin, Richard
814   Quantum Limits of Eisenstein Series and Scattering States
Petridis, Yiannis N.; Raulf, Nicole; Risager, Morten S.
827   Erratum to ``Quantum Limits of Eisenstein Series and Scattering States''
Petridis, Yiannis N.; Raulf, Nicole; Risager, Morten S.
829   On Mertens' Theorem for Beurling Primes
Pollack, Paul
844   On the Average Number of Square-Free Values of Polynomials
Shparlinski, Igor E.
850   Left-orderability and Exceptional Dehn Surgery on Twist Knots
Teragaito, Masakazu
860   On Countable Dense and $n$-homogeneity
van Mill, Jan
870   Note on Kasparov Product of $C^*$-algebra Extensions
Wei, Changguo
881   Free Groups Generated by Two Heisenberg Translations
Xie, BaoHua; Wang, JieYan; Jiang, YuePing

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