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Volume 55 Number 3 (Sep 2012)

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449   Complemented Subspaces of Linear Bounded Operators
Bahreini, Manijeh; Bator, Elizabeth; Ghenciu, Ioana
462   Hook-content Formulae for Symplectic and Orthogonal Tableaux
Campbell, Peter S.; Stokke, Anna
474   A Note on Randers Metrics of Scalar Flag Curvature
Chen, Bin; Zhao, Lili
487   Weighted Model Sets and their Higher Point-Correlations
Deng, Xinghua; Moody, Robert V.
498   Simplices in the Euclidean Ball
Fradelizi, Matthieu; Paouris, Grigoris; Schütt, Carsten
509   Domains of Injective Holomorphy
Gauthier, P. M.; Nestoridis, V.
523   The Milnor-Stasheff Filtration on Spaces and Generalized Cyclic Maps
Iwase, Norio; Mimura, Mamoru; Oda, Nobuyuki; Yoon, Yeon Soo
537   Asymptotic Properties of Solutions to Semilinear Equations Involving Multiple Critical Exponents
Kang, Dongsheng
548   Non-complemented Spaces of Operators, Vector Measures, and $c_o$
Lewis, Paul; Schulle, Polly
555   Weighted $L^p$ Boundedness of Pseudodifferential Operators and Applications
Michalowski, Nicholas; Rule, David J.; Staubach, Wolfgang
571   A Generalised Kummer-Type Transformation for the ${}_pF_p(x)$ Hypergeometric Function
Miller, A. R.; Paris, R. B.
579   Casimir Operators and Nilpotent Radicals
Ndogmo, J. C.
586   On Sha's Secondary Chern-Euler Class
Nie, Zhaohu
597   Sharp Inequalities for Differentially Subordinate Harmonic Functions and Martingales
Osękowski, Adam
611   Chen Inequalities for Submanifolds of Real Space Forms with a Semi-Symmetric Non-Metric Connection
Özgür, Cihan; Mihai, Adela
623   The Continuous Dependence on the Nonlinearities of Solutions of Fast Diffusion Equations
Pan, Jiaqing
632   Characterizations of Model Manifolds by Means of Certain Differential Systems
Pigola, S.; Rimoldi, M.
646   Marcinkiewicz Commutators with Lipschitz Functions in Non-homogeneous Spaces
Zhou, Jiang; Ma, Bolin
663   An Onofri-type Inequality on the Sphere with Two Conical Singularities
Zhou, Chunqin

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