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CMB Open Access Hybrid Model

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The Canadian Mathematical Bulletin (CMB) uses a hybrid publication model. Journal subscriptions are available, giving access to all past, recent and in-publication research papers. As well, individual published research papers may be designated as Gold Open Access, which does not require a subscription for anyone to read.

Gold Open Access – Optional

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Quality-Preserving Process

All papers, regardless of eventual Open Access designation go through the same screening: They are reviewed for topical suitability, importance of findings, and clarity. After this screening, these papers are then sent to academic referee(s), unknown to the author(s), expert in the appropriate subject area and carefully chosen by our editorial board. Through our editors, referees verify the scientific findings and improve the clarity of the research. That leads to the final decision by the editors on whether to publish the paper. A successful candidate paper is officially Accepted and copyright agreements are established. The paper is then sent out for technical editing, which ensures it complies with the visual layout and styles consistent with the journal.

It is only after the peer review and acceptance for publication that the author(s) have the option to make the paper Open Access. This ensures that the scientific quality and standards of academic research are not influenced by Open Access designation.

Financial Sustainability

To sustain the continued publication of the Journal, which is published by the non-profit Canadian Mathematical Society, publication costs must be met by a combination of subscription and publication revenues. The value of subscriptions depends on the quality of the research papers and their limited availability. Open Access removes the limitation on availability, undermining subscription value, so to offset this impact authors must provide a one-time publication fee for permanent Open Access. The current fee is $ 1000 USD per article, regardless of length.

Opting In

By default, research papers are published using the traditional model: subscriber access only.

By purchasing the Gold Open Access license, the final published version of the paper may be posted to any repositories or online websites without restriction.

Please contact to discuss Open Access arrangements after you have received notification that your paper has been officially Accepted for publication.

Green Open Access

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In addition to offering optional Gold Open Access on final, published papers, the CMB also authorizes all author(s) to post the final (peer-reviewed, pre-publication) Author's Draft of the paper (which we send to the author(s) prior to final copy editing) on their own academic web site and/or noncommercial Open Access repositories such as as well as their own institutional repositories. The final published CMB version may not be posted elsewhere without written approval from the CMS.

All copies posted outside of the CMB official web site are required to include the DOI and the following copyright notice:

First published in Canadian Mathematical Bulletin at[doi]. Copyright © [publication year], Canadian Mathematical Society.

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