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The following papers are the latest research papers available from the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin.

The papers below are all fully peer-reviewed and we vouch for the research inside. Some items are labelled Author's Draft, and others are identified as Published.
As a service to our readers, we post new papers as soon as the science is right, but before official publication; these are the papers marked Author's Draft. When our copy editing process is complete and the paper now has our official form, we replace the Author's Draft with the Published version.
All the papers below are scheduled for inclusion in a Print issue. When that issue goes to press, the paper is moved from this Online First web page over to the main CMB Digital Archive.

  Local Heuristics and an Exact Formula for Abelian Surfaces Over Finite Fields
Achter, Jeffrey; Williams, Cassandra
Published: 2015-07-24
  The Contraction Principle for Multivalued Mappings on a Modular Metric Space with a Graph
Alfuraidan, Monther Rashed
Published: 2015-05-21
  Sur les algèbres de Lie associées à une connexion
Anona, F. M.; Randriambololondrantomalala, Princy; Ravelonirina, H. S. G.
Published: 2015-09-07
  Convex Functions on Discrete Time Domains
Atıcı, Ferhan M.; Yaldız, Hatice
Author's Draft
  On classes $Q_p^\#$ for hyperbolic Riemann surfaces
Aulaskari, Rauno; Chen, Huaihui
Published: 2015-07-13
  Non-discrete frieze groups
Beardon, Alan F.
Author's Draft
  On the continued fraction expansion of fixed period in finite fields
Benamar, H.; Chandoul, A.; Mkaouar, M.
Published: 2015-08-27
  On the maximum curvature of closed curves in negatively curved manifolds
Brendle, Simon; Chodosh, Otis
Published: 2015-04-30
  Infinitely many rotationally symmetric solutions to a class of semilinear Laplace-Beltrami equations on spheres
Castro, Alfonso; Fischer, Emily
Published: 2015-08-04
  A geometric extension of Schwarz's Lemma and applications
Cleanthous, Galatia
Published: 2015-08-04
  Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Two-Plane Grassmannians with GTW Harmonic Curvature
de Dios Pérez, Juan; Suh, Young Jin; Woo, Changhwa
Published: 2015-07-14
  Cohomogeneity one Randers metrics
Deng, Shaoqiang; Hu, Zhiguang; Li, Jifu
Author's Draft
  Distributive and anti-distributive Mendelsohn triple systems
Donovan, Diane M.; Griggs, Terry S.; McCourt, Thomas A.; Opršal, Jakub; Stanovský, David
Author's Draft
  On the Bernstein problem in the three-dimensional Heisenberg group
Dorfmeister, Josef F.; Inoguchi, Jun-ichi; Kobayashi, Shimpei
Author's Draft
  An existence theory for incomplete designs
Dukes, Peter; Lamken, E.R.; Ling, Alan C.H.
Author's Draft
  Vanishing of Massey products and Brauer groups
Efrat, Ido; Matzri, Eliyahu
Published: 2015-05-21
  Uncertainty Principles on weighted spheres, balls and simplexes
Feng, Han
Author's Draft
  Homological Properties Relative to Injectively Resolving Subcategories
Gao, Zenghui
Published: 2015-08-25
  Positive solutions for the generalized nonlinear logistic equations
Gasiński, Leszek; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
Author's Draft
  Approximation of a function and its derivatives by entire functions
Gauthier, Paul M.; Kienzle, Julie
Author's Draft
  Non-extendable zero sets of harmonic and holomorphic functions
Gauthier, P. M.
Published: 2015-09-07
  Faithful representations of graph algebras via branching systems
Gonçalves, Daniel; Li, Hui; Royer, Danilo
Published: 2015-05-21
  Embedding theorem for inhomogeneous Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces on RD-spaces
Han, Yanchang
Published: 2015-05-13
  Character sums over Bohr sets
Hanson, Brandon
Published: 2015-07-24
  Littlewood-Paley Characterizations of Second-Order Sobolev Spaces via Averages on Balls
He, Ziyi; Yang, Dachun; Yuan, Wen
Published: 2015-08-17
  A simple proof and strengthening of a uniqueness theorem for L-functions
Hu, Pei-Chu; Li, Bao Qin
Published: 2015-06-22
  Discrete space-time and Lorentz transformations
Jensen, Gerd; Pommerenke, Christian
Author's Draft
  On the uniqueness of Jordan canonical form decompositions of operators by $K$-theoretical data
Jiang, Chunlan; Shi, Rui
Author's Draft
  Transformation formulas for bilinear sums of basic hypergeometric series
Kajihara, Yasushi
Published: 2015-05-21
  Non-branching RCD$(0,N)$ Geodesic Spaces with Small Linear Diameter Growth have Finitely Generated Fundamental Groups
Kitabeppu, Yu; Lakzian, Sajjad
Published: 2015-07-13
  On $s$-semipermutable or $s$-quasinormally embedded subgroups of finite groups
Kong, Qingjun; Guo, Xiuyun
Published: 2015-08-27
  A brief note concerning hard Lefschetz for Chow groups
Laterveer, Robert
Published: 2015-07-14
  Factoring a quadratic operator as a product of two positive contractions
Li, Chi-Kwong; Tsai, Ming-Cheng
Author's Draft
  Dynamical Analysis of a Stage-Structured Model for Lyme Disease with two delays
Li, Dan; Ma, Wanbiao
Author's Draft
  On the Regularity of the Multisublinear Maximal Functions
Liu, Feng; Wu, Huoxiong
Published: 2015-02-24
  On the limit cycles of linear differential systems with homogeneous nonlinearities
Llibre, Jaume; Zhang, Xiang
Published: 2015-09-10
  Exact Morphism category and Gorenstein-projective representations
Luo, Xiu-Hua
Published: 2015-07-27
  Rotors in Khovanov Homology
MacColl, Joseph
Published: 2015-06-02
  A note on fine graphs and homological isoperimetric inequalities
Martínez-Pedroza, Eduardo
Author's Draft
  On the Generalized Auslander-Reiten Conjecture under Certain Ring Extensions
Nasseh, Saeed
Author's Draft
  Generalized Torsion in Knot Groups
Naylor, Geoff; Rolfsen, Dale
Published: 2015-05-13
  Some normal numbers generated by arithmetic functions
Pollack, Paul; Vandehey, Joseph
Author's Draft
  Ramsey Number of Wheels Versus Cycles and Trees
Raeisi, Ghaffar; Zaghian, Ali
Author's Draft
  Quasi-copure submodules
Rajaee, Saeed
Author's Draft
  Existence of multiple solutions for a $p$-Laplacian system in $\textbf{R}^{N}$ with sign-changing weight functions
Song, Hongxue; Chen, Caisheng; Yan, Qinglun
Author's Draft
  Restricted Khinchine Inequality
Spektor, Susanna
Published: 2015-07-09
  A Computation with the Connes-Thom Isomorphism
Sundar, S.
Published: 2015-07-20
  Universality under Szegő's condition
Totik, Vilmos
Published: 2015-07-14
  Ternary quadratic forms and eta quotients
Williams, Kenneth S.
Published: 2015-07-13
  Variants of Korselt's Criterion
Wright, Thomas
Published: 2015-09-07
  On Extensions of Stably Finite C-Algebras (II)
Yao, Hongliang
Author's Draft
  Generating some symmetric semi-classical orthogonal polynomials
Zaatra, Mohamed
Published: 2015-07-20
  A note on 3-choosability of planar graphs related to Montanssier's conjecture
Zhang, Haihui
Author's Draft

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