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The following papers are the latest research papers available from the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin.

The papers below are all fully peer-reviewed and we vouch for the research inside. Some items are labelled Author's Draft, and others are identified as Published.
As a service to our readers, we post new papers as soon as the science is right, but before official publication; these are the papers marked Author's Draft. When our copy editing process is complete and the paper now has our official form, we replace the Author's Draft with the Published version.
All the papers below are scheduled for inclusion in a Print issue. When that issue goes to press, the paper is moved from this Online First web page over to the main CMB Digital Archive.

  Embeddings of Müntz Spaces in $L^\infty(\mu)$
Alam, Ihab Al; Lefèvre, Pascal
Published: 2018-12-01
  Sharp Bertini theorem for plane curves over finite fields
Asgarli, Shamil
Published: 2018-05-18
  On deformations of $1$-motives
Bertapelle, A.; Mazzari, N.
Published: 2018-03-22
  Squared chromatic number without claws or large cliques
Cames van Batenburg, Wouter; Kang, Ross J.
Published: 2018-12-01
  Discrete multilinear spherical averages
Cook, Brian
Published: 2018-12-01
  PBW bases and marginally large tableaux in types B and C
Criswell, Jackson; Salisbury, Ben; Tingley, Peter W.
Published: 2018-05-24
  Three problems on exponential bases
de Carli, Laura; Mizrahi, Alberto; Tepper, Alexander
Published: 2018-06-06
  Cyclicity in Dirichlet spaces
Elmadani, Y.; Labghail, I.
Author's Draft
  Quotients of Essentially Euclidean Spaces
Figiel, Tadeusz; Johnson, William
Published: 2018-12-05
  Maps on quantum states in $C^*$-algebras preserving von Neumann entropy or Schatten $p$-norm of convex combinations
Gaál, Marcell
Published: 2018-05-01
  A note about the strong maximum principle on RCD spaces
Gigli, Nicola; Rigoni, Chiara
Published: 2018-07-11
  Examples of non-finitely generated Cox rings
González, José Luis; Karu, Kalle
Published: 2018-12-01
  Factorization tests and algorithms arising from counting modular forms and automorphic representations
Gu, Miao; Martin, Gregory George
Published: 2018-12-01
  Low complexity solutions of the Allen-Cahn equation on three-spheres
Haslhofer, Robert; Ivaki, Mohammad N.
Published: 2018-08-29
  Monoidal Categories, 2-Traces, and Cyclic Cohomology
Hassanzadeh, Mohammad; Khalkhali, Masoud; Shapiro, Ilya
Published: 2018-05-18
  On the limiting weak-type behaviors for maximal operators associated with power weighted measure
Hou, Xianming; Wu, Huoxiong
Published: 2018-05-24
  Commuting and semi-commuting monomial-type Toeplitz operators on some weakly pseudoconvex domains
Jiang, Cao; Dong, Xing-Tang; Zhou, Ze-Hua
Published: 2018-12-01
  Determinant of the Laplacian on tori of constant positive curvature with one conical point
Kalvin, Victor; Kokotov, Alexey
Published: 2018-12-01
  $\mathcal{C}^p$-parametrization in o-minimal structures
Kocel-Cynk, Beata; Pawłucki, Wiesław; Valette, Anna
Published: 2018-12-01
  Jordan-Chevalley decomposition in Lie algebras
Leandro, Cagliero; Szechtman, Fernando
Published: 2018-07-23
  Irregular Weight one points with $D_{4}$ Image
Lee, Hao
Published: 2018-01-23
  Finsler warped product metrics of Douglas type
Liu, Huaifu; Mo, Xiaohuan
Published: 2018-01-24
  $\{\sigma , \tau \}$-Rota-Baxter operators, infinitesimal Hom-bialgebras and the associative (Bi)Hom-Yang-Baxter equation
Liu, Ling; Makhlouf, Abdenacer; Menini, Claudia; Panaite, Florin
Published: 2018-08-08
  Injectivity of the connecting homomorphisms in inductive limits of Elliott-Thomsen algebras
Liu, Zhichao
Published: 2018-07-06
  Spectral flow argument localizing an odd index pairing
Loring, Terry A.; Schulz-Baldes, Hermann
Published: 2018-05-18
  Generating curves of minimal ruled real hypersurfaces in a nonflat complex space form
Maeda, Sadahiro; Tanabe, Hiromasa; Udagawa, Seiichi
Published: 2018-12-01
  One Level Density for Cubic Galois Number Fields
Meisner, Patrick
Published: 2018-06-07
  Nonexistence of idempotent means on free binary systems
Moore, Justin Tatch
Published: 2018-12-01
  The Hermite-Joubert Problem and a Conjecture of Brassil-Reichstein
Nguyen, Khoa Dang
Published: 2018-03-20
  Sparse Bounds for a Prototypical Singular Radon Transform
Oberlin, Richard
Published: 2018-04-26
  The wedge-of-the-edge theorem: edge-of-the-wedge type phenomenon within the common real boundary
Pascoe, J. E.
Published: 2018-08-04
  Irreducible polynomials over a finite field with restricted coefficients
Porritt, Sam
Published: 2018-08-22
  On a property of real plane curves of even degree
Reichstein, Zinovy B.
Published: 2017-11-02
  Generalizing Hopf's boundary point lemma
Rosales, Leobardo
Published: 2018-01-17
  Merge decompositions, two-sided Krohn-Rhodes, and aperiodic pointlikes
Steinberg, Benjamin; van Gool, Samuel J.
Published: 2018-05-18
  An Endpoint Alexandrov Bakelman Pucci estimate in the Plane
Steinerberger, Stefan
Published: 2018-12-01
  Actions of semitopological groups
van Mill, Jan; Valov, Vesko M.
Published: 2018-05-18
  Extension operators for biholomorphic mappings
Wang, Jianfei; Zhang, Danli
Published: 2018-07-20
  On motivic realizations of the canonical Hermitian variations of Hodge structure of Calabi-Yau type over type $D^{\mathbb H}$ domains
Zhang, Zheng
Published: 2018-03-10

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