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The following papers are the latest research papers available from the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin.

The papers below are all fully peer-reviewed and we vouch for the research inside. Some items are labelled Author's Draft, and others are identified as Published.
As a service to our readers, we post new papers as soon as the science is right, but before official publication; these are the papers marked Author's Draft. When our copy editing process is complete and the paper now has our official form, we replace the Author's Draft with the Published version.
All the papers below are scheduled for inclusion in a Print issue. When that issue goes to press, the paper is moved from this Online First web page over to the main CMB Digital Archive.

  On Hodge Theory of Singular Plane Curves
Abdallah, Nancy
Author's Draft
  The Nilpotent Regular Element Problem
Ara, Pere; O'Meara, Kevin C.
Author's Draft
  Convex Functions on Discrete Time Domains
Atıcı, Ferhan M.; Yaldız, Hatice
Published: 2016-02-03
  Non-discrete frieze groups
Beardon, Alan F.
Author's Draft
  A note on quaternionic hyperbolic ideal triangle groups
Cao, Wensheng; Huang, Xiaolin
Author's Draft
  Artinianness of Composed Graded Local Cohomology Modules
Dehghani-Zadeh, Fatemeh
Published: 2016-02-11
  Cohomogeneity one Randers metrics
Deng, Shaoqiang; Hu, Zhiguang; Li, Jifu
Author's Draft
  The Poincaré-Deligne polynomial of Milnor fibers of triple point line arrangements is combinatorially determined
Dimca, Alexandru
Published: 2016-02-04
  An existence theory for incomplete designs
Dukes, Peter; Lamken, E.R.; Ling, Alan C.H.
Published: 2016-02-01
  Spatial Homogenization of Stochastic Wave Equation with Large Interaction
Feng, Zhaosheng; Jiang, Yongxin; Wang, Wei
Published: 2016-02-04
  Annihilators and power values of generalized skew derivations on Lie ideals
Filippis, Vincenzo De
Published: 2016-02-03
  Non-extendable zero sets of harmonic and holomorphic functions
Gauthier, P. M.
Published: 2015-09-07
  The relationship between $\epsilon$-Kronecker sets and Sidon sets
Hare, Kathryn; Ramsey, L. Thomas
Published: 2016-01-29
  Product Ranks of the $3\times 3$ Determinant and Permanent
Ilten, Nathan; Teitler, Zach
Published: 2016-01-21
  Perturbations of von Neumann subalgebras with finite index
Ino, Shoji
Published: 2016-02-02
  On the uniqueness of Jordan canonical form decompositions of operators by $K$-theoretical data
Jiang, Chunlan; Shi, Rui
Author's Draft
  A new formula for the energy of bulk superconductivity
Kachmar, Ayman
Published: 2016-02-11
  A note on algebras that are sums of two subalgebras
Kȩpczyk, Marek
Published: 2016-02-11
  Rings in which every element is a sum of two tripotents
Koşan, Tamer; Ying, Zhiling; Zhou, Yiqiang
Author's Draft
  On a theorem of Bers, with applications to the study of automorphism groups of domains
Krantz, Steven
Published: 2016-02-03
  Factoring a quadratic operator as a product of two positive contractions
Li, Chi-Kwong; Tsai, Ming-Cheng
Published: 2016-01-13
  Dynamical Analysis of a Stage-Structured Model for Lyme Disease with two delays
Li, Dan; Ma, Wanbiao
Published: 2016-01-11
  A determinantal inequality involving partial traces
Lin, Minghua
Author's Draft
  Small prime solutions to cubic Diophantine equations II
Liu, Zhixin
Author's Draft
  Supports of extremal doubly stochastic measures
Moameni, Abbas
Published: 2016-02-03
  On the Generalized Auslander-Reiten Conjecture under Certain Ring Extensions
Nasseh, Saeed
Author's Draft
  Generalized Goldberg Formula
Nicola, Antonio De; Yudin, Ivan
Published: 2016-02-12
  Stability of vector bundles on curves and degenerations
Osserman, Brian
Published: 2016-02-11
  Some normal numbers generated by arithmetic functions
Pollack, Paul; Vandehey, Joseph
Author's Draft
  Total Character of a group $G$ with $(G,Z(G))$ as a generalized Camina pair
Prajapati, S. K.; Sarma, R.
Published: 2016-01-28
  Existence of multiple solutions for a $p$-Laplacian system in $\textbf{R}^{N}$ with sign-changing weight functions
Song, Hongxue; Chen, Caisheng; Yan, Qinglun
Author's Draft
  On Extensions of Stably Finite C-Algebras (II)
Yao, Hongliang
Published: 2015-11-30
  On flat and Gorenstein flat dimensions of local cohomology modules
Zargar, Majid Rahro; Zakeri, Hossein
Published: 2016-02-03
  A note on 3-choosability of planar graphs related to Montanssier's conjecture
Zhang, Haihui
Published: 2016-02-04

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