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1. CMB 2014 (vol 58 pp. 144)

Olevskii, Victor
Localization and Completeness in $L_2({\mathbb R})$
We give a necessary and sufficient condition for a sequence to be a localization set for a determining average sampler.

Keywords:localization, completeness, average sampling
Categories:42C30, 94A20

2. CMB 2006 (vol 49 pp. 389)

Hiai, Fumio; Petz, Dénes; Ueda, Yoshimichi
A Free Logarithmic Sobolev Inequality on the Circle
Free analogues of the logarithmic Sobolev inequality compare the relative free Fisher information with the relative free entropy. In the present paper such an inequality is obtained for measures on the circle. The method is based on a random matrix approximation procedure, and a large deviation result concerning the eigenvalue distribution of special unitary matrices is applied and discussed.

Categories:46L54, 60E15, 94A17

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