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1. CMB 2004 (vol 47 pp. 389)

He, Jianxun
An Inversion Formula of the Radon Transform Transform on the Heisenberg Group
In this paper we give an inversion formula of the Radon transform on the Heisenberg group by using the wavelets defined in [3]. In addition, we characterize a space such that the inversion formula of the Radon transform holds in the weak sense.

Keywords:wavelet transform, Radon transform, Heisenberg group
Categories:43A85, 44A15

2. CMB 2000 (vol 43 pp. 472)

Oberlin, Daniel M.
An Estimate For a Restricted X-Ray Transform
This paper contains a geometric proof of an estimate for a restricted x-ray transform. The result complements one of A.~Greenleaf and A.~Seeger.


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