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1. CMB 2009 (vol 52 pp. 555)

Hirata, Kentaro
Boundary Behavior of Solutions of the Helmholtz Equation
This paper is concerned with the boundary behavior of solutions of the Helmholtz equation in $\mathbb{R}^\di$. In particular, we give a Littlewood-type theorem to show that the approach region introduced by Kor\'anyi and Taylor (1983) is best possible.

Keywords:boundary behavior, Helmholtz equation
Categories:31B25, 35J05

2. CMB 2008 (vol 51 pp. 229)

Hanley, Mary
Existence of Solutions to Poisson's Equation
Let $\Omega$ be a domain in $\mathbb R^n$ ($n\geq 2$). We find a necessary and sufficient topological condition on $\Omega$ such that, for any measure $\mu$ on $\mathbb R^n$, there is a function $u$ with specified boundary conditions that satisfies the Poisson equation $\Delta u=\mu$ on $\Omega$ in the sense of distributions.


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