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1. CMB 2005 (vol 48 pp. 133)

Talvila, Erik
Estimates of Henstock-Kurzweil Poisson Integrals
If $f$ is a real-valued function on $[-\pi,\pi]$ that is Henstock-Kurzweil integrable, let $u_r(\theta)$ be its Poisson integral. It is shown that $\|u_r\|_p=o(1/(1-r))$ as $r\to 1$ and this estimate is sharp for $1\leq p\leq\infty$. If $\mu$ is a finite Borel measure and $u_r(\theta)$ is its Poisson integral then for each $1\leq p\leq \infty$ the estimate $\|u_r\|_p=O((1-r)^{1/p-1})$ as $r\to 1$ is sharp. The Alexiewicz norm estimates $\|u_r\|\leq\|f\|$ ($0\leq r<1$) and $\|u_r-f\|\to 0$ ($r\to 1$) hold. These estimates lead to two uniqueness theorems for the Dirichlet problem in the unit disc with Henstock-Kurzweil integrable boundary data. There are similar growth estimates when $u$ is in the harmonic Hardy space associated with the Alexiewicz norm and when $f$ is of bounded variation.

Categories:26A39, 31A20

2. CMB 2002 (vol 45 pp. 154)

Weitsman, Allen
On the Poisson Integral of Step Functions and Minimal Surfaces
Applications of minimal surface methods are made to obtain information about univalent harmonic mappings. In the case where the mapping arises as the Poisson integral of a step function, lower bounds for the number of zeros of the dilatation are obtained in terms of the geometry of the image.

Keywords:harmonic mappings, dilatation, minimal surfaces
Categories:30C62, 31A05, 31A20, 49Q05

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