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1. CMB 2014 (vol 57 pp. 621)

Petrich, Mario
Combinatorially Factorizable Cryptic Inverse Semigroups
An inverse semigroup $S$ is combinatorially factorizable if $S=TG$ where $T$ is a combinatorial (i.e., $\mathcal{H}$ is the equality relation) inverse subsemigroup of $S$ and $G$ is a subgroup of $S$. This concept was introduced and studied by Mills, especially in the case when $S$ is cryptic (i.e., $\mathcal{H}$ is a congruence on $S$). Her approach is mainly analytical considering subsemigroups of a cryptic inverse semigroup. We start with a combinatorial inverse monoid and a factorizable Clifford monoid and from an action of the former on the latter construct the semigroups in the title. As a special case, we consider semigroups which are direct products of a combinatorial inverse monoid and a group.

Keywords:inverse semigroup, cryptic semigroup

2. CMB 2012 (vol 56 pp. 630)

Sundar, S.
Inverse Semigroups and Sheu's Groupoid for the Odd Dimensional Quantum Spheres
In this paper, we give a different proof of the fact that the odd dimensional quantum spheres are groupoid $C^{*}$-algebras. We show that the $C^{*}$-algebra $C(S_{q}^{2\ell+1})$ is generated by an inverse semigroup $T$ of partial isometries. We show that the groupoid $\mathcal{G}_{tight}$ associated with the inverse semigroup $T$ by Exel is exactly the same as the groupoid considered by Sheu.

Keywords:inverse semigroups, groupoids, odd dimensional quantum spheres
Categories:46L99, 20M18

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