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1. CMB 2011 (vol 55 pp. 390)

Riedl, Jeffrey M.
Automorphisms of Iterated Wreath Product $p$-Groups
We determine the order of the automorphism group $\operatorname{Aut}(W)$ for each member $W$ of an important family of finite $p$-groups that may be constructed as iterated regular wreath products of cyclic groups. We use a method based on representation theory.

Categories:20D45, 20D15, 20E22

2. CMB 1997 (vol 40 pp. 266)

Bechtell, H.; Deaconescu, M.; Silberberg, Gh.
Finite groups with large automizers for their Abelian subgroups
This note contains the classification of the finite groups $G$ satisfying the condition $N_{G}(H)/C_{G}(H)\cong \Aut(H)$ for every abelian subgroup $H$ of $G$.

Categories:20E34, 20D45

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