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1. CMB 2002 (vol 45 pp. 180)

Connolly, Francis X.; Prassidis, Stratos
On the Exponent of the ${\nk}_0$-Groups of Virtually Infinite Cyclic Groups
It is known that the $K$-theory of a large class of groups can be computed from the $K$-theory of their virtually infinite cyclic subgroups. On the other hand, Nil-groups appear to be the obstacle in calculations involving the $K$-theory of the latter. The main difficulty in the calculation of Nil-groups is that they are infinitely generated when they do not vanish. We develop methods for computing the exponent of ${\nk}_0$-groups that appear in the calculation of the $K_0$-groups of virtually infinite cyclic groups.

Categories:18F25, 19A31

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