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Search: MSC category 16W55 ( ``Super'' (or ``skew'') structure [See also 17A70, 17Bxx, 17C70] {For exterior algebras, see 15A75; for Clifford algebras, see 11E88, 15A66} )

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1. CMB 2003 (vol 46 pp. 14)

Bahturin, Yu. A.; Parmenter, M. M.
Generalized Commutativity in Group Algebras
We study group algebras $FG$ which can be graded by a finite abelian group $\Gamma$ such that $FG$ is $\beta$-commutative for a skew-symmetric bicharacter $\beta$ on $\Gamma$ with values in $F^*$.

Categories:16S34, 16R50, 16U80, 16W10, 16W55

2. CMB 2002 (vol 45 pp. 11)

Bahturin, Yuri; Kochetov, Mikhail; Montgomery, Susan
Polycharacters of Cocommutative Hopf Algebras
In this paper we extend a well-known theorem of M.~Scheunert on skew-symmetric bicharacters of groups to the case of skew-symmetric bicharacters on arbitrary cocommutative Hopf algebras over a field of characteristic not 2. We also classify polycharacters on (restricted) enveloping algebras and bicharacters on divided power algebras.

Categories:16W30, 16W55

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