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1. CMB 2005 (vol 48 pp. 317)

Yousif, Mohamed F.; Zhou, Yiqiang; Zeyada, Nasr
On Pseudo-Frobenius Rings
It is proved here that a ring $R$ is right pseudo-Frobenius if and only if $R $ is a right Kasch ring such that the second right singular ideal is injective.

Categories:16D50, 16L60

2. CMB 1997 (vol 40 pp. 221)

Rada, Juan; SaorĂ­n, Manuel
On semiregular rings whose finitely generated modules embed in free modules
We consider rings as in the title and find the precise obstacle for them not to be Quasi-Frobenius, thus shedding new light on an old open question in Ring Theory. We also find several partial affirmative answers for that question.

Categories:16D10, 16L60, 16N20

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