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1. CMB Online first

Franz, Matthias
Symmetric products of equivariantly formal spaces
Let \(X\) be a CW complex with a continuous action of a topological group \(G\). We show that if \(X\) is equivariantly formal for singular cohomology with coefficients in some field \(\Bbbk\), then so are all symmetric products of \(X\) and in fact all its \(\Gamma\)-products. In particular, symmetric products of quasi-projective M-varieties are again M-varieties. This generalizes a result by Biswas and D'Mello about symmetric products of M-curves. We also discuss several related questions.

Keywords:symmetric product, equivariant formality, maximal variety, Gamma product
Categories:55N91, 55S15, 14P25

2. CMB 2008 (vol 51 pp. 125)

Polo-Blanco, Irene; Top, Jaap
Explicit Real Cubic Surfaces
The topological classification of smooth real cubic surfaces is recalled and compared to the classification in terms of the number of real lines and of real tritangent planes, as obtained by L.~Schl\"afli in 1858. Using this, explicit examples of surfaces of every possible type are given.

Categories:14J25, 14J80, 14P25, 14Q10

3. CMB 2001 (vol 44 pp. 257)

Abánades, Miguel A.
Algebraic Homology For Real Hyperelliptic and Real Projective Ruled Surfaces
Let $X$ be a reduced nonsingular quasiprojective scheme over ${\mathbb R}$ such that the set of real rational points $X({\mathbb R})$ is dense in $X$ and compact. Then $X({\mathbb R})$ is a real algebraic variety. Denote by $H_k^{\alg}(X({\mathbb R}), {\mathbb Z}/2)$ the group of homology classes represented by Zariski closed $k$-dimensional subvarieties of $X({\mathbb R})$. In this note we show that $H_1^{\alg} (X({\mathbb R}), {\mathbb Z}/2)$ is a proper subgroup of $H_1(X({\mathbb R}), {\mathbb Z}/2)$ for a nonorientable hyperelliptic surface $X$. We also determine all possible groups $H_1^{\alg}(X({\mathbb R}), {\mathbb Z}/2)$ for a real ruled surface $X$ in connection with the previously known description of all possible topological configurations of $X$.

Categories:14P05, 14P25

4. CMB 1999 (vol 42 pp. 445)

Bochnak, J.; Kucharz, W.
Smooth Maps and Real Algebraic Morphisms
Let $X$ be a compact nonsingular real algebraic variety and let $Y$ be either the blowup of $\mathbb{P}^n(\mathbb{R})$ along a linear subspace or a nonsingular hypersurface of $\mathbb{P}^m(\mathbb{R}) \times \mathbb{P}^n(\mathbb{R})$ of bidegree $(1,1)$. It is proved that a $\mathcal{C}^\infty$ map $f \colon X \rightarrow Y$ can be approximated by regular maps if and only if $f^* \bigl( H^1(Y, \mathbb{Z}/2) \bigr) \subseteq H^1_{\alg} (X,\mathbb{Z}/2)$, where $H^1_{\alg} (X,\mathbb{Z}/2)$ is the subgroup of $H^1 (X, \mathbb{Z}/2)$ generated by the cohomology classes of algebraic hypersurfaces in $X$. This follows from another result on maps into generalized flag varieties.

Categories:14P05, 14P25

5. CMB 1997 (vol 40 pp. 456)

Kucharz, Wojciech; Rusek, Kamil
Approximation of smooth maps by real algebraic morphisms
Let $\Bbb G_{p,q}(\Bbb F)$ be the Grassmann space of all $q$-dimensional $\Bbb F$-vector subspaces of $\Bbb F^{p}$, where $\Bbb F$ stands for $\Bbb R$, $\Bbb C$ or $\Bbb H$ (the quaternions). Here $\Bbb G_{p,q}(\Bbb F)$ is regarded as a real algebraic variety. The paper investigates which ${\cal C}^\infty$ maps from a nonsingular real algebraic variety $X$ into $\Bbb G_{p,q}(\Bbb F)$ can be approximated, in the ${\cal C}^\infty$ compact-open topology, by real algebraic morphisms.

Categories:14P05, 14P25

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