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1. CMB Online first

Bertapelle, A.; Mazzari, N.
On deformations of $1$-motives
According to a well-known theorem of Serre and Tate, the infinitesimal deformation theory of an abelian variety in positive characteristic is equivalent to the infinitesimal deformation theory of its Barsotti-Tate group. We extend this result to $1$-motives.

Keywords:$1$-motive, Barsotti-Tate group
Categories:14L15, 14C15, 14L05

2. CMB 2004 (vol 47 pp. 22)

Goto, Yasuhiro
A Note on the Height of the Formal Brauer Group of a $K3$ Surface
Using weighted Delsarte surfaces, we give examples of $K3$ surfaces in positive characteristic whose formal Brauer groups have height equal to $5$, $8$ or $9$. These are among the four values of the height left open in the article of Yui \cite{Y}.

Keywords:formal Brauer groups, $K3$ surfaces in positive, characteristic, weighted Delsarte surfaces
Categories:14L05, 14J28

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