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1. CMB 2007 (vol 50 pp. 191)

Drungilas, Paulius; Dubickas, Artūras
Every Real Algebraic Integer Is a Difference of Two Mahler Measures
We prove that every real algebraic integer $\alpha$ is expressible by a difference of two Mahler measures of integer polynomials. Moreover, these polynomials can be chosen in such a way that they both have the same degree as that of $\alpha$, say $d$, one of these two polynomials is irreducible and another has an irreducible factor of degree $d$, so that $\alpha=M(P)-bM(Q)$ with irreducible polynomials $P, Q\in \mathbb Z[X]$ of degree $d$ and a positive integer $b$. Finally, if $d \leqslant 3$, then one can take $b=1$.

Keywords:Mahler measures, Pisot numbers, Pell equation, $abc$-conjecture
Categories:11R04, 11R06, 11R09, 11R33, 11D09

2. CMB 2005 (vol 48 pp. 576)

Ichimura, Humio
On a Theorem of Kawamoto on Normal Bases of Rings of Integers, II
Let $m=p^e$ be a power of a prime number $p$. We say that a number field $F$ satisfies the property $(H_m')$ when for any $a \in F^{\times}$, the cyclic extension $F(\z_m, a^{1/m})/F(\z_m)$ has a normal $p$-integral basis. We prove that $F$ satisfies $(H_m')$ if and only if the natural homomorphism $Cl_F' \to Cl_K'$ is trivial. Here $K=F(\zeta_m)$, and $Cl_F'$ denotes the ideal class group of $F$ with respect to the $p$-integer ring of $F$.


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