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1. CMB 2005 (vol 48 pp. 147)

Väänänen, Keijo; Zudilin, Wadim
Baker-Type Estimates for Linear Forms in the Values of $q$-Series
We obtain lower estimates for the absolute values of linear forms of the values of generalized Heine series at non-zero points of an imaginary quadratic field~$\II$, in particular of the values of $q$-exponential function. These estimates depend on the individual coefficients, not only on the maximum of their absolute values. The proof uses a variant of classical Siegel's method applied to a system of functional Poincar\'e-type equations and the connection between the solutions of these functional equations and the generalized Heine series.

Keywords:measure of linear independence, $q$-series
Categories:11J82, 33D15

2. CMB 2001 (vol 44 pp. 115)

Roy, Damien
Approximation algébrique simultanée de nombres de Liouville
The purpose of this paper is to show the limitations of the conjectures of algebraic approximation. For this, we construct points of $\bC^m$ which do not admit good algebraic approximations of bounded degree and height, when the bounds on the degree and the height are taken from specific sequences. The coordinates of these points are Liouville numbers.


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