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Polak, Jason K. C.
Counting separable polynomials in $\mathbb{Z}/n[x]$
For a commutative ring $R$, a polynomial $f\in R[x]$ is called separable if $R[x]/f$ is a separable $R$-algebra. We derive formulae for the number of separable polynomials when $R = \mathbb{Z}/n$, extending a result of L. Carlitz. For instance, we show that the number of separable polynomials in $\mathbb{Z}/n[x]$ that are separable is $\phi(n)n^d\prod_i(1-p_i^{-d})$ where $n = \prod p_i^{k_i}$ is the prime factorisation of $n$ and $\phi$ is Euler's totient function.

Keywords:separable algebra, separable polynomial
Categories:13H05, 13B25, 13M10

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