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1. CMB 2015 (vol 59 pp. 136)

Kajihara, Yasushi
Transformation Formulas for Bilinear Sums of Basic Hypergeometric Series
A master formula of transformation formulas for bilinear sums of basic hypergeometric series is proposed. It is obtained from the author's previous results on a transformation formula for Milne's multivariate generalization of basic hypergeometric series of type $A$ with different dimensions and it can be considered as a generalization of the Whipple-Sears transformation formula for terminating balanced ${}_4 \phi_3$ series. As an application of the master formula, the one variable cases of some transformation formulas for bilinear sums of basic hypergeometric series are given as examples. The bilinear transformation formulas seem to be new in the literature, even in one variable case.

Keywords:bilinear sums, basic hypergeometric series

2. CMB 2011 (vol 55 pp. 571)

Miller, A. R.; Paris, R. B.
A Generalised Kummer-Type Transformation for the ${}_pF_p(x)$ Hypergeometric Function
In a recent paper, Miller derived a Kummer-type transformation for the generalised hypergeometric function ${}_pF_p(x)$ when pairs of parameters differ by unity, by means of a reduction formula for a certain Kampé de Fériet function. An alternative and simpler derivation of this transformation is obtained here by application of the well-known Kummer transformation for the confluent hypergeometric function corresponding to $p=1$.

Keywords:generalised hypergeometric series, Kummer transformation
Categories:33C15, 33C20

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