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1. CMB 2018 (vol 61 pp. 754)

Lidman, Tye; Tweedy, Eamonn
A Note on Concordance Properties of Fibers in Seifert Homology Spheres
In this note, we collect various properties of Seifert homology spheres from the viewpoint of Dehn surgery along a Seifert fiber. We expect that many of these are known to various experts, but include them in one place which we hope to be useful in the study of concordance and homology cobordism.

Keywords:Seifert fibered, homology sphere, 3-manifold, concordance, cobordism, Heegaard Floer
Categories:57M27, 57N70

2. CMB 2007 (vol 50 pp. 481)

Blanlœil, Vincent; Saeki, Osamu
Concordance des nœuds de dimension $4$
We prove that for a simply connected closed $4$-dimensional manifold, its embeddings into the sphere of dimension $6$ are all concordant to each other.

Keywords:concordance, cobordisme, n{\oe}ud de dimension $4$, chirurgie plongée
Categories:57Q45, 57Q60, 57R40, 57R65, 57N13

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