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Volume 55 Number 2 (Jun 2012)

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225   Limit Sets of Typical Homeomorphisms
Bernardes, Nilson C.
233   On Algebraically Maximal Valued Fields and Defectless Extensions
Bishnoi, Anuj; Khanduja, Sudesh K.
242   Convergence in Capacity
Cegrell, Urban
249   Description of Entire Solutions of Eiconal Type Equations
Chang, Der-Chen; Li, Bao Qin
260   A Note on the Antipode for Algebraic Quantum Groups
Delvaux, L.; Van Daele, A.; Wang, Shuanhong
271   On the Existence of the Graded Exponent for Finite Dimensional $\mathbb{Z}_p$-graded Algebras
Di Vincenzo, M. Onofrio; Nardozza, Vincenzo
285   Uniqueness Implies Existence and Uniqueness Conditions for a Class of $(k+j)$-Point Boundary Value Problems for $n$-th Order Differential Equations
Eloe, Paul W.; Henderson, Johnny; Khan, Rahmat Ali
297   The Group $\operatorname{Aut}(\mu)$ is Roelcke Precompact
Glasner, Eli
303   Atomic Decomposition and Boundedness of Operators on Weighted Hardy Spaces
Han, Yongsheng; Lee, Ming-Yi; Lin, Chin-Cheng
315   A Note on the Vanishing of Certain Local Cohomology Modules
Hellus, M.
319   The Verdier Hypercovering Theorem
Jardine, J. F.
329   Non-Discrete Complex Hyperbolic Triangle Groups of Type $(n,n, \infty;k)$
Kamiya, Shigeyasu; Parker, John R.; Thompson, James M.
339   From Matrix to Operator Inequalities
Loring, Terry A.
351   Rational Homogeneous Algebras
MacDougall, J. A.; Sweet, L. G.
355   Convolution Inequalities in $l_p$ Weighted Spaces
Nhan, Nguyen Du Vi; Duc, Dinh Thanh
368   The Secondary Chern-Euler Class for a General Submanifold
Nie, Zhaohu
378   On Modules Whose Proper Homomorphic Images Are of Smaller Cardinality
Oman, Greg; Salminen, Adam
390   Automorphisms of Iterated Wreath Product $p$-Groups
Riedl, Jeffrey M.
400   Eisenstein Series and Modular Differential Equations
Sebbar, Abdellah; Sebbar, Ahmed
410   A Ramsey Theorem with an Application to Sequences in Banach Spaces
Service, Robert
418   Maximal Sets of Pairwise Orthogonal Vectors in Finite Fields
Vinh, Le Anh
424   Convergence Rates of Cascade Algorithms with Infinitely Supported Masks
Yang, Jianbin; Li, Song
435   A Note on the Diophantine Equation $x^2 + y^6 = z^e$, $e \geq 4$
Zelator, Konstantine
441   Univalently Induced, Closed Range, Composition Operators on the Bloch-type Spaces
Zorboska, Nina

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