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Volume 55 (2012)
  On a Local Theory of Asymptotic Integration for Nonlinear Differential Equations
Agarwal, Ravi P.; Mustafa, Octavian G.
15   Browder's Convergence for One-Parameter Nonexpansive Semigroups
Akiyama, Shigeki; Suzuki, Tomonari
26   A Mahler Measure of a $K3$ Surface Expressed as a Dirichlet $L$-Series
Bertin, Marie José
38   Endomorphisms of Two Dimensional Jacobians and Related Finite Algebras
Butske, William
48   Freyd's Generating Hypothesis for Groups with Periodic Cohomology
Chebolu, Sunil K.; Christensen, J. Daniel; Mináč, Ján
60   Extension of Some Theorems of W. Schwarz
Coons, Michael
67   An $E_8$ Correspondence for Multiplicative Eta-Products
Cummins, C. J.; Duncan, J. F.
73   Classification of Inductive Limits of Outer Actions of ${\mathbb R}$ on Approximate Circle Algebras
Dean, Andrew J.
81   Cofiniteness of Generalized Local Cohomology Modules for One-Dimensional Ideals
Divaani-Aazar, Kamran; Hajikarimi, Alireza
88   Inequalities for Eigenvalues of a General Clamped Plate Problem
Ghanbari, K.; Shekarbeigi, B.
98   Similarity and Coincidence Isometries for Modules
Glied, Svenja
108   On Segre Forms of Positive Vector Bundles
Guler, Dincer
114   On Characterizations of Real Hypersurfaces in a Complex Space Form with $\eta$-Parallel Shape Operator
Kon, S. H.; Loo, Tee-How
127   Characterizations of Three Classes of Zero-Divisor Graphs
LaGrange, John D.
138   Projectively Flat Fourth Root Finsler Metrics
Li, Benling; Shen, Zhongmin
146   A Characterization of Bergman Spaces on the Unit Ball of ${\mathbb C}^n$. II
Li, Songxiao; Wulan, Hasi; Zhu, Kehe
153   Artinianness of Certain Graded Local Cohomology Modules
Mafi, Amir; Saremi, Hero
157   Subdivisions of Simplicial Complexes Preserving the Metric Topology
Mine, Kotaro; Sakai, Katsuro
164   Involutions Fixing $F^n \cup \{\text{Indecomposable}\}$
Pergher, Pedro L. Q.
172   Hausdorff Prime Matrices
Rhoades, B. E.
176   Linear Dispersive Decay Estimates for the 3+1 Dimensional Water Wave Equation with Surface Tension
Spirn, Daniel; Wright, J. Douglas
188   Yet Another Solution to the Burnside Problem for Matrix Semigroups
Steinberg, Benjamin
193   Rational Points in Arithmetic Progressions on $y^2=x^n+k$
Ulas, Maciej
208   Abelian Gradings on Upper Block Triangular Matrices
Valenti, Angela; Zaicev, Mikhail
214   Positive Solutions of Impulsive Dynamic System on Time Scales
Wang, Da-Bin
225   Limit Sets of Typical Homeomorphisms
Bernardes, Nilson C.
233   On Algebraically Maximal Valued Fields and Defectless Extensions
Bishnoi, Anuj; Khanduja, Sudesh K.
242   Convergence in Capacity
Cegrell, Urban
249   Description of Entire Solutions of Eiconal Type Equations
Chang, Der-Chen; Li, Bao Qin
260   A Note on the Antipode for Algebraic Quantum Groups
Delvaux, L.; Van Daele, A.; Wang, Shuanhong
271   On the Existence of the Graded Exponent for Finite Dimensional $\mathbb{Z}_p$-graded Algebras
Di Vincenzo, M. Onofrio; Nardozza, Vincenzo
285   Uniqueness Implies Existence and Uniqueness Conditions for a Class of $(k+j)$-Point Boundary Value Problems for $n$-th Order Differential Equations
Eloe, Paul W.; Henderson, Johnny; Khan, Rahmat Ali
297   The Group $\operatorname{Aut}(\mu)$ is Roelcke Precompact
Glasner, Eli
303   Atomic Decomposition and Boundedness of Operators on Weighted Hardy Spaces
Han, Yongsheng; Lee, Ming-Yi; Lin, Chin-Cheng
315   A Note on the Vanishing of Certain Local Cohomology Modules
Hellus, M.
319   The Verdier Hypercovering Theorem
Jardine, J. F.
329   Non-Discrete Complex Hyperbolic Triangle Groups of Type $(n,n, \infty;k)$
Kamiya, Shigeyasu; Parker, John R.; Thompson, James M.
339   From Matrix to Operator Inequalities
Loring, Terry A.
351   Rational Homogeneous Algebras
MacDougall, J. A.; Sweet, L. G.
355   Convolution Inequalities in $l_p$ Weighted Spaces
Nhan, Nguyen Du Vi; Duc, Dinh Thanh
368   The Secondary Chern-Euler Class for a General Submanifold
Nie, Zhaohu
378   On Modules Whose Proper Homomorphic Images Are of Smaller Cardinality
Oman, Greg; Salminen, Adam
390   Automorphisms of Iterated Wreath Product $p$-Groups
Riedl, Jeffrey M.
400   Eisenstein Series and Modular Differential Equations
Sebbar, Abdellah; Sebbar, Ahmed
410   A Ramsey Theorem with an Application to Sequences in Banach Spaces
Service, Robert
418   Maximal Sets of Pairwise Orthogonal Vectors in Finite Fields
Vinh, Le Anh
424   Convergence Rates of Cascade Algorithms with Infinitely Supported Masks
Yang, Jianbin; Li, Song
435   A Note on the Diophantine Equation $x^2 + y^6 = z^e$, $e \geq 4$
Zelator, Konstantine
441   Univalently Induced, Closed Range, Composition Operators on the Bloch-type Spaces
Zorboska, Nina
449   Complemented Subspaces of Linear Bounded Operators
Bahreini, Manijeh; Bator, Elizabeth; Ghenciu, Ioana
462   Hook-content Formulae for Symplectic and Orthogonal Tableaux
Campbell, Peter S.; Stokke, Anna
474   A Note on Randers Metrics of Scalar Flag Curvature
Chen, Bin; Zhao, Lili
487   Weighted Model Sets and their Higher Point-Correlations
Deng, Xinghua; Moody, Robert V.
498   Simplices in the Euclidean Ball
Fradelizi, Matthieu; Paouris, Grigoris; Schütt, Carsten
509   Domains of Injective Holomorphy
Gauthier, P. M.; Nestoridis, V.
523   The Milnor-Stasheff Filtration on Spaces and Generalized Cyclic Maps
Iwase, Norio; Mimura, Mamoru; Oda, Nobuyuki; Yoon, Yeon Soo
537   Asymptotic Properties of Solutions to Semilinear Equations Involving Multiple Critical Exponents
Kang, Dongsheng
548   Non-complemented Spaces of Operators, Vector Measures, and $c_o$
Lewis, Paul; Schulle, Polly
555   Weighted $L^p$ Boundedness of Pseudodifferential Operators and Applications
Michalowski, Nicholas; Rule, David J.; Staubach, Wolfgang
571   A Generalised Kummer-Type Transformation for the ${}_pF_p(x)$ Hypergeometric Function
Miller, A. R.; Paris, R. B.
579   Casimir Operators and Nilpotent Radicals
Ndogmo, J. C.
586   On Sha's Secondary Chern-Euler Class
Nie, Zhaohu
597   Sharp Inequalities for Differentially Subordinate Harmonic Functions and Martingales
Osękowski, Adam
611   Chen Inequalities for Submanifolds of Real Space Forms with a Semi-Symmetric Non-Metric Connection
Özgür, Cihan; Mihai, Adela
623   The Continuous Dependence on the Nonlinearities of Solutions of Fast Diffusion Equations
Pan, Jiaqing
632   Characterizations of Model Manifolds by Means of Certain Differential Systems
Pigola, S.; Rimoldi, M.
646   Marcinkiewicz Commutators with Lipschitz Functions in Non-homogeneous Spaces
Zhou, Jiang; Ma, Bolin
663   An Onofri-type Inequality on the Sphere with Two Conical Singularities
Zhou, Chunqin
673   Multiplicity Free Jacquet Modules
Aizenbud, Avraham; Gourevitch, Dmitry
689   A Pointwise Estimate for the Fourier Transform and Maxima of a Function
Berndt, Ryan
697   Constructions of Uniformly Convex Functions
Borwein, Jonathan M.; Vanderwerff, Jon
708   Improved Range in the Return Times Theorem
Demeter, Ciprian
723   First Variation Formula in Wasserstein Spaces over Compact Alexandrov Spaces
Gigli, Nicola; Ohta, Shin-Ichi
736   Existence of Solutions for Abstract Non-Autonomous Neutral Differential Equations
Hernández, Eduardo; O'Regan, Donal
752   Approximation of Holomorphic Solutions of a System of Real Analytic Equations
Hickel, M.; Rond, G.
762   Smooth Approximation of Lipschitz Projections
Li, Hanfeng
767   On Zindler Curves in Normed Planes
Martini, Horst; Wu, Senlin
774   Pell Equations: Non-Principal Lagrange Criteria and Central Norms
Mollin, R. A.; Srinivasan, A.
783   Products and Direct Sums in Locally Convex Cones
Motallebi, M. R.; Saiflu, H.
799   Manifolds Covered by Lines and Extremal Rays
Novelli, Carla; Occhetta, Gianluca
815   Restricted Radon Transforms and Projections of Planar Sets
Oberlin, Daniel M.
821   New Examples of Non-Archimedean Banach Spaces and Applications
Perez-Garcia, C.; Schikhof, W. H.
830   Almost Everywhere Convergence of Convolution Measures
Reinhold, Karin; Savvopoulou, Anna K.; Wedrychowicz, Christopher M.
842   The Rank of Jacobian Varieties over the Maximal Abelian Extensions of Number Fields: Towards the Frey-Jarden Conjecture
Sairaiji, Fumio; Yamauchi, Takuya
850   Character Sums with Division Polynomials
Shparlinski, Igor E.; Stange, Katherine E.
858   An Optimal Transport View of Schrödinger's Equation
von Renesse, Max-K.
870   Left Invariant Einstein-Randers Metrics on Compact Lie Groups
Wang, Hui; Deng, Shaoqiang
882   Equivalence of $L_p$ Stability and Exponential Stability of Nonlinear Lipschitzian Semigroups
Xueli, Song; Jigen, Peng

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