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The following papers are the latest research papers available from the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin.

The papers below are all fully peer-reviewed and we vouch for the research inside. Some items are labelled Author's Draft, and others are identified as Published.
As a service to our readers, we post new papers as soon as the science is right, but before official publication; these are the papers marked Author's Draft. When our copy editing process is complete and the paper now has our official form, we replace the Author's Draft with the Published version.
All the papers below are scheduled for inclusion in a Print issue. When that issue goes to press, the paper is moved from this Online First web page over to the main CMB Digital Archive.

  On Hodge Theory of Singular Plane Curves
Abdallah, Nancy
Published: 2016-05-25
  The co-annihilating ideal graphs of commutative rings
Akbari, Saeeid; Alilou, Abbas; Amjadi, Jafar; Sheikholeslami, Seyed Mahmoud
Author's Draft
  Co-Maximal Graphs of Subgroups of Groups
Akbari, Saieed; Miraftab, Babak; Nikandish, Reza
Author's Draft
  The Nilpotent Regular Element Problem
Ara, Pere; O'Meara, Kevin C.
Published: 2016-05-10
  Lipschitz retractions in Hadamard spaces via gradient flow semigroups
Bačák, Miroslav; Kovalev, Leonid V.
Author's Draft
  On the dual König property of the order-interval hypergraph of two classes of N-free posets
Bouchemakh, Isma; Fatma, Kaci
Author's Draft
  Recurrence of cosine operator functions on groups
Chen, Chung-Chuan
Published: 2016-03-18
  The thickness of the Cartesian product of two graphs
Chen, Yichao; Yin, Xuluo
Published: 2016-05-10
  Testing bi-orderability of knot groups
Clay, Adam; Desmarais, Colin; Naylor, Patrick
Author's Draft
  Generalized Equivariant Cohomology and Stratifications
Crooks, Peter; Holden, Tyler
Author's Draft
  One-parameter groups of operators and discrete Hilbert transforms
De Carli, Laura; Samad, Gohin Shaikh
Published: 2016-05-20
  Real hypersurfaces in complex two-plane Grassmannians with Reeb parallel Ricci tensor in the GTW connection
de Dios Pérez, Juan; Lee, Hyunjin; Suh, Young Jin; Woo, Changhwa
Author's Draft
  Cohomogeneity one Randers metrics
Deng, Shaoqiang; Hu, Zhiguang; Li, Jifu
Published: 2016-04-18
  Generalized Goldberg Formula
De Nicola, Antonio; Yudin, Ivan
Published: 2016-02-12
  Semi-classical asymptotics for Schrödinger operator with oscillating decaying potential
Dimassi, Mouez
Published: 2016-05-24
  The metric dimension of the total graph of a finite commutative ring
Dolžan, David
Published: 2016-04-11
  Spatial Homogenization of Stochastic Wave Equation with Large Interaction
Feng, Zhaosheng; Jiang, Yongxin; Wang, Wei
Published: 2016-02-04
  Artin approximation compatible with a change of variables
Fichou, Goulwen; Quarez, Ronan; Shiota, Masahiro
Author's Draft
  Geometric characterizations of Hilbert spaces
García-Pacheco, Francisco Javier; Hill, Justin R.
Author's Draft
  The relationship between $\epsilon$-Kronecker sets and Sidon sets
Hare, Kathryn; Ramsey, L. Thomas
Published: 2016-01-29
  Characterization of low-pass filters on local fields of positive characteristic
Jahan, Qaiser
Published: 2016-05-24
  A new formula for the energy of bulk superconductivity
Kachmar, Ayman
Published: 2016-02-11
  Incompressibility of products of pseudo-homogeneous varieties
Karpenko, Nikita A.
Published: 2016-05-25
  The Dirichlet problem for the slab with entire data and a difference equation for harmonic functions
Khavinson, Dmitry; Lundberg, Erik; Render, Hermann
Published: 2016-04-19
  Normal Extensions of Representations of Abelian Semigroups
Li, Boyu
Author's Draft
  Some Properties of Triebel-Lizorkin and Besov Spaces Associated with Zygmund Dilations
Liao, Fanghui; Liu, Zongguang
Author's Draft
  A determinantal inequality involving partial traces
Lin, Minghua
Published: 2016-03-17
  The Dirichlet divisor problem of arithmetic progressions
Liu, H. Q.
Author's Draft
  Small prime solutions to cubic Diophantine equations II
Liu, Zhixin
Published: 2016-04-13
  Eigenvalues of $-\Delta_p -\Delta_q$ under Neumann boundary condition
Mihăilescu, Mihai; Moroşanu, Gheorghe
Author's Draft
  Canonical systems of basic invariants for unitary reflection groups
Nakashima, Norihiro; Terao, Hiroaki; Tsujie, Shuhei
Author's Draft
  On the Generalized Auslander-Reiten Conjecture under Certain Ring Extensions
Nasseh, Saeed
Author's Draft
  Stability of vector bundles on curves and degenerations
Osserman, Brian
Published: 2016-02-11
  Homology of the Fermat tower and universal measures for Jacobi sums
Otsubo, Noriyuki
Published: 2016-04-11
  Some normal numbers generated by arithmetic functions
Pollack, Paul; Vandehey, Joseph
Author's Draft
  Some Results on the Annihilating-Ideal Graphs
Shaveisi, Farzad
Published: 2016-05-10
  On the Diameter of Unitary Cayley Graphs of Rings
Su, Huadong
Author's Draft
  The Carleson measure problem between analytic Morrey spaces
wang, jianfei
Published: 2016-03-23
  Rings in which every element is a sum of two tripotents
Ying, Zhiling; Koşan, Tamer; Zhou, Yiqiang
Published: 2016-03-14

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