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Volume 70 Number 5 (Oct 2018)

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961   Uniqueness of the von Neumann Continuous Factor
Ara, Pere; Claramunt, Joan
983   An Explicit Computation of the Blanchfield Pairing for Arbitrary Links
Conway, Anthony
1008   Schwartz Functions on Real Algebraic Varieties
Elazar, Boaz; Shaviv, Ary
1038   Order $3$ Elements in $G_2$ and Idempotents in Symmetric Composition Algebras
Elduque, Alberto
1076   Congruences for Modular Forms mod 2 and Quaternionic $S$-ideal Classes
Martin, Kimball
1096   The Rudin-Shapiro Sequence and Similar Sequences are Normal Along Squares
Müllner, Clemens
1130   Doubled Khovanov Homology
Rushworth, William
1173   An Explicit Manin-Dem'janenko Theorem in Elliptic Curves
Viada, Evelina

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