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Volume 70 Number 4 (Aug 2018)

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721   On Dirichlet Spaces with a Class of Superharmonic Weights
Bao, Guanlong; Göğüş, Nihat Gökhan; Pouliasis, Stamatis
742   Partial Hasse Invariants, Partial Degrees, and the Canonical Subgroup
Bijakowski, Stephane
773   Multiplication Formulas and Canonical Bases for Quantum Affine $gl_n$
Du, Jie; Zhao, Zhonghua
804   Inequalities for the Surface Area of Projections of Convex Bodies
Giannopoulos, Apostolos; Koldobsky, Alexander; Valettas, Petros
824   Local Dimensions of Measures of Finite Type II -- Measures without Full Support and with Non-regular Probabilities
Hare, Kathryn; Hare, Kevin; Ng, Michael Ka Shing
868   Nori Motives of Curves with Modulus and Laumon $1$-motives
Ivorra, Florian; Yamazaki, Takao
898   Spherical Fundamental Lemma for Metaplectic Groups
Luo, Caihua
925   Edge-Maximal Graphs on Surfaces
McDiarmid, Colin; Wood, David R.
943   On a Class of Fully Nonlinear Elliptic Equations containing Gradient Terms on Compact Hermitian Manifolds
Yuan, Rirong

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