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Volume 70 Number 2 (Apr 2018)

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241   Weights of the mod $p$ kernel of the theta operators
Böcherer, Siegfried; Kikuta, Toshiyuki; Takemori, Sho
265   Rational models of the complement of a subpolyhedron in a manifold with boundary
Cordova Bulens, Hector; Lambrechts, Pascal; Stanley, Don
294   Geometric classification of graph C*-algebras over finite graphs
Eilers, Søren; Restorff, Gunnar; Ruiz, Efren; Sørensen, Adam P. W.
354   Toric geometry of $SL_2(\mathbb{C})$ free group character varieties from outer space
Manon, Christopher
400   The Jiang-Su absorption for inclusions of unital C*-algebras
Osaka, Hiroyuki; Teruya, Tamotsu
426   Euler-type relative equilibria in spaces of constant curvature and their stability
Pérez-Chavela, Ernesto; Sánchez-Cerritos, Juan Manuel
451   Ekedahl-Oort strata for good reductions of Shimura varieties of Hodge type
Zhang, Chao

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