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Volume 67 Number 3 (Jun 2015)

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481   The C*-algebras of Compact Transformation Groups
an Huef, Astrid; Archbold, Robert John
507   On Littlewood Polynomials with Prescribed Number of Zeros Inside the Unit Disk
Borwein, Peter; Choi, Stephen; Ferguson, Ron; Jankauskas, Jonas
527   Obstructions to Approximating Tropical Curves in Surfaces Via Intersection Theory
Brugallé, Erwan; Shaw, Kristin
573   Twisted Vertex Operators and Unitary Lie Algebras
Chen, Fulin; Gao, Yun; Jing, Naihuan; Tan, Shaobin
597   Sommes friables d'exponentielles et applications
Drappeau, Sary
639   Projectivity in Algebraic Cobordism
Gonzalez, Jose Luis; Karu, Kalle
654   Growth of Selmer groups of CM Abelian varieties
Lim, Meng Fai; Murty, V. Kumar
667   Toric Degenerations, Tropical Curve, and Gromov-Witten Invariants of Fano Manifolds
Nishinou, Takeo
696   Geography of Irregular Gorenstein 3-folds
Zhang, Tong

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