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Volume 67 (2015)
  On the Local Convexity of Intersection Bodies of Revolution
Alfonseca, M. Angeles; Kim, Jaegil
28   Bounded Derived Categories of Infinite Quivers: Grothendieck Duality, Reflection Functor
Asadollahi, Javad; Hafezi, Rasool; Vahed, Razieh
55   On Varieties of Lie Algebras of Maximal Class
Barron, Tatyana; Kerner, Dmitry; Tvalavadze, Marina
90   Une propriété de domination convexe pour les orbites sturmiennes
Bousch, Thierry
107   The Weyl Problem With Nonnegative Gauss Curvature In Hyperbolic Space
Chang, Jui-En; Xiao, Ling
132   Unitary Equivalence and Similarity to Jordan Models for Weak Contractions of Class $C_0$
Clouâtre, Raphaël
152   On Homotopy Invariants of Combings of Three-manifolds
Lescop, Christine
184   Geometric Spectra and Commensurability
McReynolds, D. B.
198   Tate Cycles on Abelian Varieties with Complex Multiplication
Murty, V. Kumar; Patankar, Vijay M.
214   Symmetric Genuine Spherical Whittaker Functions on $\overline{GSp_{2n}(F)}$
Szpruch, Dani
  Global Holomorphic Functions in Several Noncommuting Variables
Agler, Jim; McCarthy, John E.
286   A Skolem-Mahler-Lech Theorem for Iterated Automorphisms of $K$-algebras
Bell, Jason P.; Lagarias, Jeffrey C.
315   Unitary Eigenvarieties at Isobaric Points
Bellaïche, Joël
330   Hyperspace Dynamics of Generic Maps of the Cantor Space
Bernardes, Nilson C. Jr.; Vermersch, Rômulo M.
350   Multimarginal Optimal Transport Maps for One-dimensional Repulsive Costs
Colombo, Maria; De Pascale, Luigi; Di Marino, Simone
369   A Free Product Formula for the Sofic Dimension
Graham, Robert; Pichot, Mikael
404   Rotation Algebras and the Exel Trace Formula
Hua, Jiajie; Lin, Huaxin
424   Mahler Measures as Linear Combinations of $L$-values of Multiple Modular Forms
Samart, Detchat
450   Motion in a Symmetric Potential on the Hyperbolic Plane
Santoprete, Manuele; Scheurle, Jürgen; Walcher, Sebastian
481   The C*-algebras of Compact Transformation Groups
an Huef, Astrid; Archbold, Robert John
507   On Littlewood Polynomials with Prescribed Number of Zeros Inside the Unit Disk
Borwein, Peter; Choi, Stephen; Ferguson, Ron; Jankauskas, Jonas
527   Obstructions to Approximating Tropical Curves in Surfaces Via Intersection Theory
Brugallé, Erwan; Shaw, Kristin
573   Twisted Vertex Operators and Unitary Lie Algebras
Chen, Fulin; Gao, Yun; Jing, Naihuan; Tan, Shaobin
597   Sommes friables d'exponentielles et applications
Drappeau, Sary
639   Projectivity in Algebraic Cobordism
Gonzalez, Jose Luis; Karu, Kalle
654   Growth of Selmer groups of CM Abelian varieties
Lim, Meng Fai; Murty, V. Kumar
667   Toric Degenerations, Tropical Curve, and Gromov-Witten Invariants of Fano Manifolds
Nishinou, Takeo
696   Geography of Irregular Gorenstein 3-folds
Zhang, Tong
721   A Density Corrádi-Hajnal Theorem
Allen, Peter; Böttcher, Julia; Hladký, Jan; Piguet, Diana
759   Spectral Flow for Nonunital Spectral Triples
Carey, Alan L; Gayral, Victor; Phillips, John; Rennie, Adam; Sukochev, Fedor
795   On a Sumset Conjecture of Erdős
Di Nasso, Mauro; Goldbring, Isaac; Jin, Renling; Leth, Steven; Lupini, Martino; Mahlburg, Karl
810   All Irrational Extended Rotation Algebras are AF Algebras
Elliott, George A.; Niu, Zhuang
827   The Bochner-Schoenberg-Eberlein Property and Spectral Synthesis for Certain Banach Algebra Products
Kaniuth, Eberhard
848   Faithfulness of Actions on Riemann-Roch Spaces
Köck, Bernhard; Tait, Joseph
870   Minimal Dynamical Systems on Connected Odd Dimensional Spaces
Lin, Huaxin
893   Overconvergent Families of Siegel-Hilbert Modular Forms
Mok, Chung Pang; Tan, Fucheng
923   Cremona Maps of de Jonquières Type
Pan, Ivan Edgardo; Simis, Aron
942   Pontryagin's Maximum Principle for the Loewner Equation in Higher Dimensions
Roth, Oliver
961   Orthogonal Bundles and Skew-Hamiltonian Matrices
Abuaf, Roland; Boralevi, Ada
990   The Category of Bratteli Diagrams
Amini, Massoud; Elliott, George A.; Golestani, Nasser
1024   Representation Stability of Power Sets and Square Free Polynomials
Ashraf, Samia; Azam, Haniya; Berceanu, Barbu
1046   Explicit Form of Cassels' $p$-adic Embedding Theorem for Number Fields
Dubickas, Arturas; Sha, Min; Shparlinski, Igor
1065   A Finite-time Condition for Exponential Trichotomy in Infinite Dynamical Systems
Ducrot, Arnaud; Magal, Pierre; Seydi, Ousmane
1091   Metric Compactifications and Coarse Structures
Mine, Kotaro; Yamashita, Atsushi
1109   Goldman Systems and Bending Systems
Nohara, Yuichi; Ueda, Kazushi
1144   Outer Partial Actions and Partial Skew Group Rings
Nystedt, Patrik; Öinert, Johan
1161   Non-tangential Maximal Function Characterizations of Hardy Spaces Associated with Degenerate Elliptic Operators
Zhang, Junqiang; Cao, Jun; Jiang, Renjin; Yang, Dachun
1201   Chern Classes of Splayed Intersections
Aluffi, Paolo; Faber, Eleonore
1219   $p$-adic and Motivic Measure on Artin $n$-stacks
Balwe, Chetan
1247   Lyapunov Stability and Attraction Under Equivariant Maps
Barros, Carlos Braga; Rocha, Victor; Souza, Josiney
1270   Stability of Equilibrium Solutions in Planar Hamiltonian Difference Systems
Carcamo, Cristian; Vidal, Claudio
1290   On Two-faced Families of Non-commutative Random Variables
Charlesworth, Ian; Nelson, Brent; Skoufranis, Paul
1326   The Distribution of the First Elementary Divisor of the Reductions of a Generic Drinfeld Module of Arbitrary Rank
Cojocaru, Alina Carmen; Shulman, Andrew Michael
1358   On the Rate of Convergence of Empirical Measures in $\infty$-transportation Distance
Garcia Trillos, Nicolas; Slepcev, Dejan
1384   Strong Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities for Log-Subharmonic Functions
Graczyk, Piotr; Kemp, Todd; Loeb, Jean-Jacques
1411   Function-theoretic Properties for the Gauss Maps of Various Classes of Surfaces
Kawakami, Yu

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