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Volume 66 Number 6 (Dec 2014)

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1201   Lifting Representations of Finite Reductive Groups I: Semisimple Conjugacy Classes
Adler, Jeffrey D.; Lansky, Joshua M.
1225   Minimal Generators of the Defining Ideal of the Rees Algebra Associated with a Rational Plane Parametrization with $\mu=2$
Cortadellas Benítez, Teresa; D'Andrea, Carlos
1250   Symplectic Degenerate Flag Varieties
Feigin, Evgeny; Finkelberg, Michael; Littelmann, Peter
1287   Types et contragrédientes
Henniart, Guy; Sécherre, Vincent
1305   Congruence Relations for Shimura Varieties Associated with $GU(n-1,1)$
Koskivirta, Jean-Stefan
1327   Obstructions of Connectivity Two for Embedding Graphs into the Torus
Mohar, Bojan; Skoda, Petr
1358   Sharp Localized Inequalities for Fourier Multipliers
Osėkowski, Adam
1382   Weighted Carleson Measure Spaces Associated with Different Homogeneities
Wu, Xinfeng
1413   Generalized Kähler--Einstein Metrics and Energy Functionals
Zhang, Xi; Zhang, Xiangwen

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