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Volume 66 Number 5 (Oct 2014)

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961   Moduli Spaces of Vector Bundles over a Real Curve: $\mathbb Z/2$-Betti Numbers
Baird, Thomas
993   Expression d'un facteur epsilon de paire par une formule intégrale
Beuzart-Plessis, Raphaël
1050   Random Walks in Degenerate Random Environments
Holmes, Mark; Salisbury, Thomas S.
1078   Values of Twisted Tensor $L$-functions of Automorphic Forms Over Imaginary Quadratic Fields
Lanphier, Dominic; Skogman, Howard
1110   On the Dispersive Estimate for the Dirichlet Schrödinger Propagator and Applications to Energy Critical NLS
Li, Dong; Xu, Guixiang; Zhang, Xiaoyi
1143   Maps Preserving Complementarity of Closed Subspaces of a Hilbert Space
Plevnik, Lucijan; Šemrl, Peter
1167   Galois Representations Over Fields of Moduli and Rational Points on Shimura Curves
Rotger, Victor; de Vera-Piquero, Carlos

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