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Volume 66 (2014)
  On Hilbert Covariants
Abdesselam, Abdelmalek; Chipalkatti, Jaydeep
31   Symplectic Foliations and Generalized Complex Structures
Bailey, Michael
57   Perfect Orderings on Finite Rank Bratteli Diagrams
Bezuglyi, S.; Kwiatkowski, J.; Yassawi, R.
102   Continuity of convolution of test functions on Lie groups
Birth, Lidia; Glöckner, Helge
141   Existence of Taut Foliations on Seifert Fibered Homology $3$-spheres
Caillat-Gibert, Shanti; Matignon, Daniel
170   Modular Abelian Varieties Over Number Fields
Guitart, Xavier; Quer, Jordi
197   On Hyperbolicity of Domains with Strictly Pseudoconvex Ends
Harris, Adam; Kolář, Martin
205   Generalized Frobenius Algebras and Hopf Algebras
Iovanov, Miodrag Cristian
241   Transfert du pseudo-coefficient de Kottwitz et formules de caractère pour la série discrète de $\mathrm{GL}(N)$ sur un corps local
Broussous, P.
284   Random Harmonic Functions in Growth Spaces and Bloch-type Spaces
Eikrem, Kjersti Solberg
303   Haar Null Sets and the Consistent Reflection of Non-meagreness
Elekes, Márton; Steprāns, Juris
323   Asymptotical behaviour of roots of infinite Coxeter groups
Hohlweg, Christophe; Labbé, Jean-Philippe; Ripoll, Vivien
354   The Minimal Growth Rate of Cocompact Coxeter Groups in Hyperbolic 3-space
Kellerhals, Ruth; Kolpakov, Alexander
373   Uniform Convexity and Bishop-Phelps-Bollobás Property
Kim, Sun Kwang; Lee, Han Ju
387   Composition of Inner Functions
Mashreghi, J.; Shabankhah, M.
400   Umbilical Submanifolds of $\mathbb{S}^n\times \mathbb{R}$
Mendonça, Bruno; Tojeiro, Ruy
429   Perturbation and Solvability of Initial $L^p$ Dirichlet Problems for Parabolic Equations over Non-cylindrical Domains
Rivera-Noriega, Jorge
453   A Remark on BMW algebra, $q$-Schur Algebras and Categorification
Vaz, Pedro; Wagner, Emmanuel
481   On the Hadamard Product of Hopf Monoids
Aguiar, Marcelo; Mahajan, Swapneel
505   Hodge Theory of Cyclic Covers Branched over a Union of Hyperplanes
Arapura, Donu
525   A Lift of the Schur and Hall-Littlewood Bases to Non-commutative Symmetric Functions
Berg, Chris; Bergeron, Nantel; Saliola, Franco; Serrano, Luis; Zabrocki, Mike
566   Transfer of Plancherel Measures for Unitary Supercuspidal Representations between $p$-adic Inner Forms
Choiy, Kwangho
596   The Ordered $K$-theory of a Full Extension
Eilers, Søren; Restorff, Gunnar; Ruiz, Efren
625   Classifying the Minimal Varieties of Polynomial Growth
Giambruno, Antonio; Mattina, Daniela La; Zaicev, Mikhail
641   Heat Kernels and Green Functions on Metric Measure Spaces
Grigor'yan, Alexander; Hu, Jiaxin
700   Inversion of the Radon Transform on the Free Nilpotent Lie Group of Step Two
He, Jianxun; Xiao, Jinsen
721   On Whitney-type Characterization of Approximate Differentiability on Metric Measure Spaces
Durand-Cartagena, E.; Ihnatsyeva, L.; Korte, R.; Szumańska, M.
743   Nearly Countable Dense Homogeneous Spaces
Hrušák, Michael; van Mill, Jan
759   Addendum to "Nearly Countable Dense Homogeneous Spaces"
Hrušák, Michael; van Mill, Jan
760   Regularization of the Kepler Problem on the Three-sphere
Hu, Shengda; Santoprete, Manuele
783   Infinitesimal Rigidity of Convex Polyhedra through the Second Derivative of the Hilbert-Einstein Functional
Izmestiev, Ivan
826   Signed-Selmer Groups over the $\mathbb{Z}_p^2$-extension of an Imaginary Quadratic Field
Kim, Byoung Du
844   Multidimensional Vinogradov-type Estimates in Function Fields
Kuo, Wentang; Liu, Yu-Ru; Zhao, Xiaomei
874   Quantum Drinfeld Hecke Algebras
Levandovskyy, Viktor; Shepler, Anne V.
902   Corrigendum to Example in "Quantum Drinfeld Hecke Algebras"
Levandovskyy, Viktor; Shepler, Anne V.
903   Non-tame Mice from Tame Failures of the Unique Branch Hypothesis
Sargsyan, Grigor; Trang, Nam
924   Twists of Shimura Curves
Stankewicz, James
961   Moduli Spaces of Vector Bundles over a Real Curve: $\mathbb Z/2$-Betti Numbers
Baird, Thomas
993   Expression d'un facteur epsilon de paire par une formule intégrale
Beuzart-Plessis, Raphaël
1050   Random Walks in Degenerate Random Environments
Holmes, Mark; Salisbury, Thomas S.
1078   Values of Twisted Tensor $L$-functions of Automorphic Forms Over Imaginary Quadratic Fields
Lanphier, Dominic; Skogman, Howard
1110   On the Dispersive Estimate for the Dirichlet Schrödinger Propagator and Applications to Energy Critical NLS
Li, Dong; Xu, Guixiang; Zhang, Xiaoyi
1143   Maps Preserving Complementarity of Closed Subspaces of a Hilbert Space
Plevnik, Lucijan; Šemrl, Peter
1167   Galois Representations Over Fields of Moduli and Rational Points on Shimura Curves
Rotger, Victor; de Vera-Piquero, Carlos
1201   Lifting Representations of Finite Reductive Groups I: Semisimple Conjugacy Classes
Adler, Jeffrey D.; Lansky, Joshua M.
1225   Minimal Generators of the Defining Ideal of the Rees Algebra Associated with a Rational Plane Parametrization with $\mu=2$
Cortadellas Benítez, Teresa; D'Andrea, Carlos
1250   Symplectic Degenerate Flag Varieties
Feigin, Evgeny; Finkelberg, Michael; Littelmann, Peter
1287   Types et contragrédientes
Henniart, Guy; Sécherre, Vincent
1305   Congruence Relations for Shimura Varieties Associated with $GU(n-1,1)$
Koskivirta, Jean-Stefan
1327   Obstructions of Connectivity Two for Embedding Graphs into the Torus
Mohar, Bojan; Skoda, Petr
1358   Sharp Localized Inequalities for Fourier Multipliers
Osėkowski, Adam
1382   Weighted Carleson Measure Spaces Associated with Different Homogeneities
Wu, Xinfeng
1413   Generalized Kähler--Einstein Metrics and Energy Functionals
Zhang, Xi; Zhang, Xiangwen

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