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Volume 65 Number 3 (Jun 2013)

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481   Correction of Proofs in "Purely Infinite Simple $C^*$-algebras Arising from Free Product Constructions'' and a Subsequent Paper
Ara, Pere; Dykema, Kenneth J.; Rørdam, Mikael
485   Filters in C*-Algebras
Bice, Tristan Matthew
510   Transference of vector-valued multipliers on weighted $L^p$-spaces
Blasco de la Cruz, Oscar; Villarroya Alvarez, Paco
544   Iterated Integrals and Higher Order Invariants
Deitmar, Anton; Horozov, Ivan
553   Addendum and Erratum to "The Fundamental Group of $S^1$-manifolds"
Godinho, Leonor; Sousa-Dias, M. E.
559   Extreme Version of Projectivity for Normed Modules Over Sequence Algebras
Helemskii, A. Ya.
575   The Geometry and Fundamental Group of Permutation Products and Fat Diagonals
Kallel, Sadok; Taamallah, Walid
600   Christoffel Functions and Universality in the Bulk for Multivariate Orthogonal Polynomials
Kroó, A.; Lubinsky, D. S.
621   On Surfaces in Three Dimensional Contact Manifolds
Lee, Paul W. Y.
634   Laplace Equations and the Weak Lefschetz Property
Mezzetti, Emilia; Miró-Roig, Rosa M.; Ottaviani, Giorgio
655   Proof of the Completeness of Darboux Wronskian Formulae for Order Two
Shemyakova, E.
675   On the Bragg Diffraction Spectra of a Meyer Set
Strungaru, Nicolae
702   Regularity of Standing Waves on Lipschitz Domains
Taylor, Michael

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