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Volume 65 Number 2 (Apr 2013)

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241   Lagrange's Theorem for Hopf Monoids in Species
Aguiar, Marcelo; Lauve, Aaron
266   Les applications conforme-harmoniques
Bérard, Vincent
299   On Multilinear Fourier Multipliers of Limited Smoothness
Grafakos, Loukas; Miyachi, Akihiko; Tomita, Naohito
331   Lushness, Numerical Index 1 and the Daugavet Property in Rearrangement Invariant Spaces
Kadets, Vladimir; Martín, Miguel; Merí, Javier; Werner, Dirk
349   Ergodic Properties of Randomly Coloured Point Sets
Müller, Peter; Richard, Christoph
403   On the Dihedral Main Conjectures of Iwasawa Theory for Hilbert Modular Eigenforms
Van Order, Jeanine
467   Quasimap Floer Cohomology for Varying Symplectic Quotients
Wilson, Glen; Woodward, Christopher T.

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