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Volume 65 (2013)
  Finitely Related Algebras in Congruence Distributive Varieties Have Near Unanimity Terms
Barto, Libor
22   Non-vanishing of $L$-functions, the Ramanujan Conjecture, and Families of Hecke Characters
Blomer, Valentin; Brumley, Farrell
52   C$^*$-algebras Nearly Contained in Type $\mathrm{I}$ Algebras
Christensen, Erik; Sinclair, Allan M.; Smith, Roger R.; White, Stuart
66   On Flag Curvature of Homogeneous Randers Spaces
Deng, Shaoqiang; Hu, Zhiguang
82   The Ranks of the Homotopy Groups of a Finite Dimensional Complex
Félix, Yves; Halperin, Steve; Thomas, Jean-Claude
120   Universal Families of Rational Tropical Curves
Francois, Georges; Hampe, Simon
149   Equicontinuous Delone Dynamical Systems
Kellendonk, Johannes; Lenz, Daniel
171   Optimal Polynomial Recurrence
Lyall, Neil; Magyar, Ákos
195   Surfaces with $p_g=q=2$, $K^2=6$, and Albanese Map of Degree $2$
Penegini, Matteo; Polizzi, Francesco
222   Distance Sets of Urysohn Metric Spaces
Sauer, N. W.
241   Lagrange's Theorem for Hopf Monoids in Species
Aguiar, Marcelo; Lauve, Aaron
266   Les applications conforme-harmoniques
Bérard, Vincent
299   On Multilinear Fourier Multipliers of Limited Smoothness
Grafakos, Loukas; Miyachi, Akihiko; Tomita, Naohito
331   Lushness, Numerical Index 1 and the Daugavet Property in Rearrangement Invariant Spaces
Kadets, Vladimir; Martín, Miguel; Merí, Javier; Werner, Dirk
349   Ergodic Properties of Randomly Coloured Point Sets
Müller, Peter; Richard, Christoph
403   On the Dihedral Main Conjectures of Iwasawa Theory for Hilbert Modular Eigenforms
Van Order, Jeanine
467   Quasimap Floer Cohomology for Varying Symplectic Quotients
Wilson, Glen; Woodward, Christopher T.
481   Correction of Proofs in "Purely Infinite Simple $C^*$-algebras Arising from Free Product Constructions'' and a Subsequent Paper
Ara, Pere; Dykema, Kenneth J.; Rørdam, Mikael
485   Filters in C*-Algebras
Bice, Tristan Matthew
510   Transference of vector-valued multipliers on weighted $L^p$-spaces
Blasco de la Cruz, Oscar; Villarroya Alvarez, Paco
544   Iterated Integrals and Higher Order Invariants
Deitmar, Anton; Horozov, Ivan
553   Addendum and Erratum to "The Fundamental Group of $S^1$-manifolds"
Godinho, Leonor; Sousa-Dias, M. E.
559   Extreme Version of Projectivity for Normed Modules Over Sequence Algebras
Helemskii, A. Ya.
575   The Geometry and Fundamental Group of Permutation Products and Fat Diagonals
Kallel, Sadok; Taamallah, Walid
600   Christoffel Functions and Universality in the Bulk for Multivariate Orthogonal Polynomials
Kroó, A.; Lubinsky, D. S.
621   On Surfaces in Three Dimensional Contact Manifolds
Lee, Paul W. Y.
634   Laplace Equations and the Weak Lefschetz Property
Mezzetti, Emilia; Miró-Roig, Rosa M.; Ottaviani, Giorgio
655   Proof of the Completeness of Darboux Wronskian Formulae for Order Two
Shemyakova, E.
675   On the Bragg Diffraction Spectra of a Meyer Set
Strungaru, Nicolae
702   Regularity of Standing Waves on Lipschitz Domains
Taylor, Michael
721   Tameness of Complex Dimension in a Real Analytic Set
Adamus, Janusz; Randriambololona, Serge; Shafikov, Rasul
740   Regularization of Subsolutions in Discrete Weak KAM Theory
Bernard, P.; Zavidovique, M.
757   Positively Curved Riemannian Locally Symmetric Spaces are Positively Squared Distance Curved
Delanoë, Philippe; Rouvière, François
768   Nonself-adjoint Semicrossed Products by Abelian Semigroups
Fuller, Adam Hanley
783   Generalised Triple Homomorphisms and Derivations
Garcés, Jorge J.; Peralta, Antonio M.
808   On Hessian Limit Directions along Gradient Trajectories
Grandjean, Vincent
823   Symbolic Powers Versus Regular Powers of Ideals of General Points in $\mathbb{P}^1 \times \mathbb{P}^1$
Guardo, Elena; Harbourne, Brian; Van Tuyl, Adam
843   3-torsion in the Homology of Complexes of Graphs of Bounded Degree
Jonsson, Jakob
863   Cumulants of the $q$-semicircular Law, Tutte Polynomials, and Heaps
Josuat-Vergès, Matthieu
879   A Space of Harmonic Maps from the Sphere into the Complex Projective Space
Kawabe, Hiroko
905   Explicit Models for Threefolds Fibred by K3 Surfaces of Degree Two
Thompson, Alan
927   Infinitely Many Solutions for the Prescribed Boundary Mean Curvature Problem in $\mathbb B^N$
Wang, Liping; Zhao, Chunyi
961   A Hilbert Scheme in Computer Vision
Aholt, Chris; Sturmfels, Bernd; Thomas, Rekha
989   Automatic Continuity of Homomorphisms in Non-associative Banach Algebras
Chu, C-H.; Velasco, M. V.
1005   Uniformly Continuous Functionals and M-Weakly Amenable Groups
Forrest, Brian; Miao, Tianxuan
1020   Monotone Hurwitz Numbers in Genus Zero
Goulden, I. P.; Guay-Paquet, Mathieu; Novak, Jonathan
1043   Convolution of Trace Class Operators over Locally Compact Quantum Groups
Hu, Zhiguo; Neufang, Matthias; Ruan, Zhong-Jin
1073   From Quantum Groups to Groups
Kalantar, Mehrdad; Neufang, Matthias
1095   Résonances près de seuils d'opérateurs magnétiques de Pauli et de Dirac
Sambou, Diomba
1125   On the Global Structure of Special Cycles on Unitary Shimura Varieties
Vandenbergen, Nicolas
1164   Partial Differential Hamiltonian Systems
Vitagliano, Luca
1201   Application of the Strong Artin Conjecture to the Class Number Problem
Cho, Peter J.; Kim, Henry H.
1217   Beltrami Equation with Coefficient in Sobolev and Besov Spaces
Cruz, Victor; Mateu, Joan; Orobitg, Joan
1236   Higher Connectedness Properties of Support Points and Functionals of Convex Sets
De Bernardi, Carlo Alberto
1255   Variations of Integrals in Diffeology
Iglesias-Zemmour, Patrick
1287   $K$-theory of Furstenberg Transformation Group $C^*$-algebras
Reihani, Kamran
1320   Orbital $L$-functions for the Space of Binary Cubic Forms
Taniguchi, Takashi; Thorne, Frank
1384   Estimates of Hausdorff Dimension for Non-wandering Sets of Higher Dimensional Open Billiards
Wright, Paul
1401   A Universal Volume Comparison Theorem for Finsler Manifolds and Related Results
Zhao, Wei; Shen, Yibing

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