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Volume 62 Number 6 (Dec 2010)

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1201   Criteria for Very Ampleness of Rank Two Vector Bundles over Ruled Surfaces
Alzati, Alberto; Besana, Gian Mario
1228   Valuations for Matroid Polytope Subdivisions
Ardila, Federico; Fink, Alex; Rincón, Felipe
1246   Quantum Cohomology of Minuscule Homogeneous Spaces III. Semi-Simplicity and Consequences
Chaput, P. E.; Manivel, L.; Perrin, N.
1264   Holomorphic variations of minimal disks with boundary on a Lagrangian surface
Chen, Jingyi; Fraser, Ailana
1276   A Generalized Poisson Transform of an $L^{p}$-Function over the Shilov Boundary of the $n$-Dimensional Lie Ball
El Wassouli, Fouzia
1293   Canonical Toric Fano Threefolds
Kasprzyk, Alexander M.
1310   Iwahori--Hecke Algebras of $SL_2$ over $2$-Dimensional Local Fields
Lee, Kyu-Hwan
1325   On Some Explicit Constructions of Finsler Metrics with Scalar Flag Curvature
Mo, Xiaohuan; Yu, Changtao
1340   Holomorphie des opérateurs d'entrelacement normalisés à l'aide des paramètres d'Arthur
Mœglin, C.
1387   Homotopy Self-Equivalences of 4-manifolds with Free Fundamental Group
Pamuk, Mehmetcik
1404   Characterizations of Extremals for some Functionals on Convex Bodies
Saroglou, Christos
1419   BMO-Estimates for Maximal Operators via Approximations of the Identity with Non-Doubling Measures
Yang, Dachun; Yang, Dongyong

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