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Volume 61 (2009)
  Connected Components of Moduli Stacks of Torsors via Tamagawa Numbers
Behrend, Kai; Dhillon, Ajneet
29   The Minimal Resolution Conjecture for Points on the Cubic Surface
Casanellas, M.
50   Composition operators on $\mu$-Bloch spaces
Chen, Huaihui; Gauthier, Paul
76   Ascent Properties of Auslander Categories
Christensen, Lars Winther; Holm, Henrik
109   The Ample Cone of the Kontsevich Moduli Space
Coskun, Izzet; Harris, Joe; Starr, Jason
124   Characterizing Complete Erd\H os Space
Dijkstra, Jan J.; Mill, Jan van
141   On the Littlewood Problem Modulo a Prime
Green, Ben; Konyagin, Sergei
165   Exponents of Diophantine Approximation in Dimension Two
Laurent, Michel
190   Bounded Hankel Products on the Bergman Space of the Polydisk
Lu, Yufeng; Shang, Shuxia
205   Representations of Non-Negative Polynomials, Degree Bounds and Applications to Optimization
Marshall, M.
222   Klyachko Models for General Linear Groups of Rank 5 over a $p$-Adic Field
Nien, Chufeng
241   Operator Integrals, Spectral Shift, and Spectral Flow
Azamov, N. A.; Carey, A. L.; Dodds, P. G.; Sukochev, F. A.
264   On $\BbZ$-Modules of Algebraic Integers
Bell, J. P.; Hare, K. G.
282   Closed Ideals in Some Algebras of Analytic Functions
Bouya, Brahim
299   \v{C}eby\v{s}ev Sets in Hyperspaces over $\mathrm{R}^n$
Dawson, Robert J. MacG.; Moszy\'{n}ska, Maria
315   Injective Representations of Infinite Quivers. Applications
Enochs, E.; Estrada, S.; Rozas, J. R. Garc\'{\i}a
336   The Large Sieve Inequality for the Exponential Sequence $\lambda^{[O(n^{15/14+o(1)})]}$ Modulo Primes
Garaev, M. Z.
351   Multiplication of Polynomials on Hermitian Symmetric spaces and Littlewood--Richardson Coefficients
Graham, William; Hunziker, Markus
373   An Infinite Order Whittaker Function
McKee, Mark
382   Unit Elements in the Double Dual of a Subalgebra of the Fourier Algebra $A(G)$
Miao, Tianxuan
395   $L$-Functions for $\GSp(2)\times \GL(2)$: Archimedean Theory and Applications
Moriyama, Tomonori
427   On Reducibility and Unitarizability for Classical $p$-Adic Groups, Some General Results
Tadi\'c, Marko
451   A Subalgebra Intersection Property for Congruence Distributive Varieties
Valeriote, Matthew A.
465   On Partitions into Powers of Primes and Their Difference Functions
Woodford, Roger
481   Uniform Distribution of Fractional Parts Related to Pseudoprimes
Banks, William D.; Garaev, Moubariz Z.; Luca, Florian; Shparlinski, Igor E.
503   Subspaces of de~Branges Spaces Generated by Majorants
Baranov, Anton; Woracek, Harald
518   Global Units Modulo Circular Units: Descent Without Iwasawa's Main Conjecture
Belliard, Jean-Robert
534   Girsanov Transformations for Non-Symmetric Diffusions
Chen, Chuan-Zhong; Sun, Wei
548   Fundamental Tone, Concentration of Density, and Conformal Degeneration on Surfaces
Girouard, Alexandre
566   Convex Subordination Chains in Several Complex Variables
Graham, Ian; Hamada, Hidetaka; Kohr, Gabriela; Pfaltzgraff, John A.
583   Algebraic Properties of a Family of Generalized Laguerre Polynomials
Hajir, Farshid
604   First Countable Continua and Proper Forcing
Hart, Joan E.; Kunen, Kenneth
617   Square Integrable Representations and the Standard Module Conjecture for General Spin Groups
Kim, Wook
641   Characterization of Parallel Isometric Immersions of Space Forms into Space Forms in the Class of Isotropic Immersions
Maeda, Sadahiro; Udagawa, Seiichi
656   Generalized Polynomials and Mild Mixing
McCutcheon, Randall; Quas, Anthony
674   A Construction of Rigid Analytic Cohomology Classes for Congruence Subgroups of $\SL_3(\mathbb Z)$
Pollack, David; Pollack, Robert
691   Prehomogeneity on Quasi-Split Classical Groups and Poles of Intertwining Operators
Yu, Xiaoxiang
708   Regular Homeomorphisms of Finite Order on Countable Spaces
Zelenyuk, Yevhen
721   SubRiemannian Geometry on the Sphere $\mathbb{S}^3$
Calin, Ovidiu; Chang, Der-Chen; Markina, Irina
740   On Geometric Flats in the CAT(0) Realization of Coxeter Groups and Tits Buildings
Caprace, Pierre-Emmanuel; Haglund, Frédéric
762   The Hilbert Coefficients of the Fiber Cone and the $a$-Invariant of the Associated Graded Ring
D'Cruz, Clare; Puthenpurakal, Tony J.
779   Residual Spectra of Split Classical Groups and their Inner Forms
Grbac, Neven
807   Maximal Operators Associated with Vector Polynomials of Lacunary Coefficients
Hong, Sunggeum; Kim, Joonil; Yang, Chan Woo
828   Twisted Gross--Zagier Theorems
Howard, Benjamin
888   Face Ring Multiplicity via CM-Connectivity Sequences
Novik, Isabella; Swartz, Ed
904   The Face Semigroup Algebra of a Hyperplane Arrangement
Saliola, Franco V.
930   Prolongations and Computational Algebra
Sidman, Jessica; Sullivant, Seth
950   Infinitesimal Invariants in a Function Algebra
Tange, Rudolf
961   Transfert des intégrales orbitales pour les algèbres de Lie classiques
Bernon, Florent
1050   Examples of Calabi--Yau 3-Folds of $\mathbb{P}^{7}$ with $\rho=1$
Bertin, Marie-Amélie
1073   On the $2$-Rank of the Hilbert Kernel of Number Fields
Griffiths, Ross; Lescop, Mikaël
1092   Minimal Transitive Factorizations of Permutations into Cycles
Irving, John
1118   Petits points d'une surface
Pontreau, Corentin
1151   Covering Maps and Periodic Functions on Higher Dimensional Sierpinski Gaskets
Ruan, Huo-Jun; Strichartz, Robert S.
1182   Periodic and Almost Periodic Functions on Infinite Sierpinski Gaskets
Strichartz, Robert S.
1201   Invariant Einstein Metrics on Some Homogeneous Spaces of Classical Lie Groups
Arvanitoyeorgos, Andreas; Dzhepko, V. V.; Nikonorov, Yu. G.
1214   Close Lattice Points on Circles
Cilleruelo, Javier; Granville, Andrew
1239   Periodicity in Rank 2 Graph Algebras
Davidson, Kenneth R.; Yang, Dilian
1262   On the Local Lifting Properties of Operator Spaces
Dong, Z.
1279   Tail Bounds for the Stable Marriage of Poisson and Lebesgue
Hoffman, Christopher; Holroyd, Alexander E.; Peres, Yuval
1300   Monodromy Groups and Self-Invariance
Hubard, Isabel; Orbani\'c, Alen; Weiss, Asia Ivi\'c
1325   Uniqueness of Shalika Models
Nien, Chufeng
1341   Simultaneous Polynomial Approximations of the Lerch Function
Rivoal, Tanguy
1357   On a Class of Landsberg Metrics in Finsler Geometry
Shen, Zhongmin
1375   Stable Discrete Series Characters at Singular Elements
Spallone, Steven
1383   Integral Representation for $U_{3} \times \GL_{2}$
Wambach, Eric
1407   Traces, Cross-Ratios and 2-Generator Subgroups of $\SU(2,1)$
Will, Pierre
1437   Author Index - Index des auteurs
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