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Volume 60 Number 1 (Feb 2008)

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  Convex Bodies of Minimal Volume, Surface Area and Mean Width with Respect to Thin Shells
Böröczky, Károly; Böröczky, Károly J.; Schütt, Carsten; Wintsche, Gergely
33   Higher Order Tangents to Analytic Varieties along Curves. II
Braun, Rüdiger W.; Meise, Reinhold; Taylor, B. A.
64   Classification of Linear Weighted Graphs Up to Blowing-Up and Blowing-Down
Daigle, Daniel
88   Nilpotent Conjugacy Classes in $p$-adic Lie Algebras: The Odd Orthogonal Case
Diwadkar, Jyotsna Mainkar
109   Affine Lines on Affine Surfaces and the Makar--Limanov Invariant
Gurjar, R. V.; Masuda, K.; Miyanishi, M.; Russell, P.
140   On the Geometry of $p$-Typical Covers in Characteristic $p$
Kedlaya, Kiran S.
164   Boundary Structure of Hyperbolic $3$-Manifolds Admitting Annular and Toroidal Fillings at Large Distance
Lee, Sangyop; Teragaito, Masakazu
189   Furstenberg Transformations and Approximate Conjugacy
Lin, Huaxin
208   Constructing Galois Representations with Very Large Image
Ramakrishna, Ravi
222   Amibes de sommes d'exponentielles
Silipo, James

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