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Volume 60 (2008)
  Convex Bodies of Minimal Volume, Surface Area and Mean Width with Respect to Thin Shells
Böröczky, Károly; Böröczky, Károly J.; Schütt, Carsten; Wintsche, Gergely
33   Higher Order Tangents to Analytic Varieties along Curves. II
Braun, Rüdiger W.; Meise, Reinhold; Taylor, B. A.
64   Classification of Linear Weighted Graphs Up to Blowing-Up and Blowing-Down
Daigle, Daniel
88   Nilpotent Conjugacy Classes in $p$-adic Lie Algebras: The Odd Orthogonal Case
Diwadkar, Jyotsna Mainkar
109   Affine Lines on Affine Surfaces and the Makar--Limanov Invariant
Gurjar, R. V.; Masuda, K.; Miyanishi, M.; Russell, P.
140   On the Geometry of $p$-Typical Covers in Characteristic $p$
Kedlaya, Kiran S.
164   Boundary Structure of Hyperbolic $3$-Manifolds Admitting Annular and Toroidal Fillings at Large Distance
Lee, Sangyop; Teragaito, Masakazu
189   Furstenberg Transformations and Approximate Conjugacy
Lin, Huaxin
208   Constructing Galois Representations with Very Large Image
Ramakrishna, Ravi
222   Amibes de sommes d'exponentielles
Silipo, James
241   Semi-Classical Wavefront Set and Fourier Integral Operators
Alexandrova, Ivana
264   Erratum to: An Exactly Solved Model for Recombination, Mutation and Selection
Baake, Michael; Baake, Ellen
266   Invariants and Coinvariants of the Symmetric Group in Noncommuting Variables
Bergeron, Nantel; Reutenauer, Christophe; Rosas, Mercedes; Zabrocki, Mike
297   Transitive Factorizations in the Hyperoctahedral Group
Bini, G.; Goulden, I. P.; Jackson, D. M.
313   Asymptotic Properties for Increments of $l^{\infty}$-Valued Gaussian Random Fields
Choi, Yong-Kab; o, Miklós Csörg\H
334   Low-Pass Filters and Scaling Functions for Multivariable Wavelets
Curry, Eva
348   Monoidal Functors, Acyclic Models and Chain Operads
Santos, F. Guillén; Navarro, V.; Pascual, P.; Roig, Agust{\'\i}
379   Finite Cohen--Macaulay Type and Smooth Non-Commutative Schemes
rgensen, Peter J\o
391   The Geometry of the Weak Lefschetz Property and Level Sets of Points
Migliore, Juan C.
412   Quelques calculs de traces compactes et leurs transform{ées de Satake
Nguyen-Chu, G.-V.
443   On a Class of Projectively Flat Metrics with Constant Flag Curvature
Shen, Z.; Yildirim, G. Civi
457   Harmonic Coordinates on Fractals with Finitely Ramified Cell Structure
Teplyaev, Alexander
481   Heegner Points and the Rank of Elliptic Curves over Large Extensions of Global Fields
Breuer, Florian; Im, Bo-Hae
491   A Multi-Frey Approach to Some Multi-Parameter Families of Diophantine Equations
Bugeaud, Yann; Mignotte, Maurice; Siksek, Samir
520   Matrices Whose Norms Are Determined by Their Actions on Decreasing Sequences
Chen, Chang-Pao; Huang, Hao-Wei; Shen, Chun-Yen
532   Local Bounds for Torsion Points on Abelian Varieties
Clark, Pete L.; Xarles, Xavier
556   Polarization of Separating Invariants
Draisma, Jan; Kemper, Gregor; Wehlau, David
572   Non-Selfadjoint Perturbations of Selfadjoint Operators in Two Dimensions IIIa. One Branching Point
Hitrik, Michael; Sj{östrand, Johannes
658   Inverse Pressure Estimates and the Independence of Stable Dimension for Non-Invertible Maps
Mihailescu, Eugen; Urba\'nski, Mariusz
685   Closed and Exact Functions in the Context of Ginzburg--Landau Models
Savu, Anamaria
703   $\mathcal{Z}$-Stable ASH Algebras
Toms, Andrew S.; Winter, Wilhelm
721   Uniform Linear Bound in Chevalley's Lemma
Adamus, J.; Bierstone, E.; Milman, P. D.
734   Genus 2 Curves with Quaternionic Multiplication
Baba, Srinath; Granath, H\aa kan
758   On the Hyperinvariant Subspace Problem. IV
Bercovici, H.; Foias, C.; Pearcy, C.
790   Types, paquets et changement de base : l'exemple de $U(2,1)(F_0)$. I. Types simples maximaux et paquets singletons
Blasco, Laure
822   Maximum Principles for Subharmonic Functions Via Local Semi-Dirichlet Forms
Kuwae, Kazuhiro
875   A Characterization of the Quantum Cohomology Ring of $G/B$ and Applications
Mare, Augustin-Liviu
892   The Second Cohomology of Current Algebras of General Lie Algebras
Neeb, Karl-Hermann; Wagemann, Friedrich
923   Endomorphisms of Kronecker Modules Regulated by Quadratic Algebra Extensions of a Function Field
Okoh, F.; Zorzitto, F.
958   A Note on a Conjecture of S. Stahl
Chen, Yichao
960   Erratum: On the Zeros of Some Genus Polynomials
Stahl, Saul
961   About the Defectivity of Certain Segre--Veronese Varieties
Abrescia, Silvia
975   An AF Algebra Associated with the Farey Tessellation
Boca, Florin P.
1001   Isometric Group Actions on Hilbert Spaces: Structure of Orbits
Cornulier, Yves de; Tessera, Romain; Valette, Alain
1010   $H^\infty$ Functional Calculus and Mikhlin-Type Multiplier Conditions
Galé, José E.; Miana, Pedro J.
1028   Lifting $n$-Dimensional Galois Representations
Hamblen, Spencer
1050   Adjacency Preserving Maps on Hermitian Matrices
Huang, Wen-ling; Semrl, Peter \v
1067   On Types for Unramified $p$-Adic Unitary Groups
Kariyama, Kazutoshi
1108   A Classification of Tsirelson Type Spaces
Lopez-Abad, J.; Manoussakis, A.
1149   Conjugate Reciprocal Polynomials with All Roots on the Unit Circle
Petersen, Kathleen L.; Sinclair, Christopher D.
1168   Short Time Behavior of Solutions to Linear and Nonlinear Schr{ödinger Equations
Taylor, Michael
1201   Hölder Compactification for Some Manifolds with Pinched Negative Curvature Near Infinity
Bahuaud, Eric; Marsh, Tracey
1219   CR Extension from Manifolds of Higher Type
Baracco, Luca; Zampieri, Giuseppe
1240   Categorification of the Colored Jones Polynomial and Rasmussen Invariant of Links
Beliakova, Anna; Wehrli, Stephan
1267   Nonadjacent Radix-$\tau$ Expansions of Integers in Euclidean Imaginary Quadratic Number Fields
Blake, Ian F.; Murty, V. Kumar; Xu, Guangwu
1283   Remarks on Littlewood--Paley Analysis
Ho, Kwok-Pun
1306   Theta Lifts of Tempered Representations for Dual Pairs $(\Sp_{2n}, O(V))$
Mui\'c, Goran
1336   Moving Frames for Lie Pseudo--Groups
Olver, Peter J.; Pohjanpelto, Juha
1387   On $n$-Dimensional Steinberg Symbols
Romo, Fernando Pablos
1406   Hauteur asymptotique des points de Heegner
Ricotta, Guillaume; Vidick, Thomas
1437   Author Index - Index des auteurs

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