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1. CJM 2011 (vol 63 pp. 1220)

Baake, Michael; Scharlau, Rudolf; Zeiner, Peter
Similar Sublattices of Planar Lattices
The similar sublattices of a planar lattice can be classified via its multiplier ring. The latter is the ring of rational integers in the generic case, and an order in an imaginary quadratic field otherwise. Several classes of examples are discussed, with special emphasis on concrete results. In particular, we derive Dirichlet series generating functions for the number of distinct similar sublattices of a given index, and relate them to zeta functions of orders in imaginary quadratic fields.

Categories:11H06, 11R11, 52C05, 82D25

2. CJM 2008 (vol 60 pp. 975)

Boca, Florin P.
An AF Algebra Associated with the Farey Tessellation
We associate with the Farey tessellation of the upper half-plane an AF algebra $\AA$ encoding the ``cutting sequences'' that define vertical geodesics. The Effros--Shen AF algebras arise as quotients of $\AA$. Using the path algebra model for AF algebras we construct, for each $\tau \in \big(0,\frac{1}{4}\big]$, projections $(E_n)$ in $\AA$ such that $E_n E_{n\pm 1}E_n \leq \tau E_n$.

Categories:46L05, 11A55, 11B57, 46L55, 37E05, 82B20

3. CJM 2004 (vol 56 pp. 77)

Holmes, Mark; Járai, Antal A.; Sakai, Akira; Slade, Gordon
High-Dimensional Graphical Networks of Self-Avoiding Walks
We use the lace expansion to analyse networks of mutually-avoiding self-avoiding walks, having the topology of a graph. The networks are defined in terms of spread-out self-avoiding walks that are permitted to take large steps. We study the asymptotic behaviour of networks in the limit of widely separated network branch points, and prove Gaussian behaviour for sufficiently spread-out networks on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ in dimensions $d>4$.

Categories:82B41, 60K35

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