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1. CJM 2012 (vol 65 pp. 879)

Kawabe, Hiroko
A Space of Harmonic Maps from the Sphere into the Complex Projective Space
Guest-Ohnita and Crawford have shown the path-connectedness of the space of harmonic maps from $S^2$ to $\mathbf{C} P^n$ of a fixed degree and energy.It is well-known that the $\partial$ transform is defined on this space. In this paper,we will show that the space is decomposed into mutually disjoint connected subspaces on which $\partial$ is homeomorphic.

Keywords:harmonic maps, harmonic sequences, gluing
Categories:58E20, 58D15

2. CJM 2010 (vol 62 pp. 1325)

Mo, Xiaohuan; Yu, Changtao
On Some Explicit Constructions of Finsler Metrics with Scalar Flag Curvature
We give an explicit construction of polynomial (\emph{of arbitrary degree}) $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics with scalar flag curvature and determine their scalar flag curvature. These Finsler metrics contain all non-trivial projectively flat $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics of constant flag curvature.

Keywords:Finsler metric, scalar curvature, projective flatness

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