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1. CJM Online first

Bickerton, Robert T.; Kakariadis, Evgenios T.A.
Free Multivariate w*-Semicrossed Products: Reflexivity and the Bicommutant Property
We study w*-semicrossed products over actions of the free semigroup and the free abelian semigroup on (possibly non-selfadjoint) w*-closed algebras. We show that they are reflexive when the dynamics are implemented by uniformly bounded families of invertible row operators. Combining with results of Helmer we derive that w*-semicrossed products of factors (on a separable Hilbert space) are reflexive. Furthermore we show that w*-semicrossed products of automorphic actions on maximal abelian selfadjoint algebras are reflexive. In all cases we prove that the w*-semicrossed products have the bicommutant property if and only if the ambient algebra of the dynamics does also.

Keywords:reflexivity, semicrossed product
Categories:47A15, 47L65, 47L75, 47L80

2. CJM 2010 (vol 62 pp. 889)

Xia, Jingbo
Singular Integral Operators and Essential Commutativity on the Sphere
Let ${\mathcal T}$ be the $C^\ast $-algebra generated by the Toeplitz operators $\{T_\varphi : \varphi \in L^\infty (S,d\sigma )\}$ on the Hardy space $H^2(S)$ of the unit sphere in $\mathbf{C}^n$. It is well known that ${\mathcal T}$ is contained in the essential commutant of $\{T_\varphi : \varphi \in \operatorname{VMO}\cap L^\infty (S,d\sigma )\}$. We show that the essential commutant of $\{T_\varphi : \varphi \in \operatorname{VMO}\cap L^\infty (S,d\sigma )\}$ is strictly larger than ${\mathcal T}$.

Categories:32A55, 46L05, 47L80

3. CJM 2001 (vol 53 pp. 506)

Davidson, Kenneth R.; Kribs, David W.; Shpigel, Miron E.
Isometric Dilations of Non-Commuting Finite Rank $n$-Tuples
A contractive $n$-tuple $A=(A_1,\dots,A_n)$ has a minimal joint isometric dilation $S=\break (S_1,\dots,S_n)$ where the $S_i$'s are isometries with pairwise orthogonal ranges. This determines a representation of the Cuntz-Toeplitz algebra. When $A$ acts on a finite dimensional space, the $\wot$-closed nonself-adjoint algebra $\fS$ generated by $S$ is completely described in terms of the properties of $A$. This provides complete unitary invariants for the corresponding representations. In addition, we show that the algebra $\fS$ is always hyper-reflexive. In the last section, we describe similarity invariants. In particular, an $n$-tuple $B$ of $d\times d$ matrices is similar to an irreducible $n$-tuple $A$ if and only if a certain finite set of polynomials vanish on $B$.


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