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1. CJM 2006 (vol 58 pp. 249)

Bello Hernández, M.; Mínguez Ceniceros, J.
Convergence of Fourier--Padé Approximants for Stieltjes Functions
We prove convergence of diagonal multipoint Pad\'e approximants of Stieltjes-type functions when a certain moment problem is determinate. This is used for the study of the convergence of Fourier--Pad\'e and nonlinear Fourier--Pad\'e approximants for such type of functions.

Keywords:rational approximation, multipoint Padé approximants, Fourier--Padé approximants, moment problem
Categories:41A20, 41A21, 44A60

2. CJM 2005 (vol 57 pp. 941)

Berg, Christian; Durán, Antonio J.
Some Transformations of Hausdorff Moment Sequences and Harmonic Numbers
We introduce some non-linear transformations from the set of Hausdorff moment sequences into itself; among them is the one defined by the formula: $T((a_n)_n)=1/(a_0+\dots +a_n)$. We give some examples of Hausdorff moment sequences arising from the transformations and provide the corresponding measures: one of these sequences is the reciprocal of the harmonic numbers $(1+1/2+\dots +1/(n+1))^{-1}$.

Categories:44A60, 40B05

3. CJM 1997 (vol 49 pp. 708)

Duran, Antonio J.; Lopez-Rodriguez, Pedro
Density questions for the truncated matrix moment problem
For a truncated matrix moment problem, we describe in detail the set of positive definite matrices of measures $\mu$ in $V_{2n}$ (this is the set of solutions of the problem of degree $2n$) for which the polynomials up to degree $n$ are dense in the corresponding space ${\cal L}^2(\mu)$. These matrices of measures are exactly the extremal measures of the set $V_n$.

Categories:42C05, 44A60

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