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1. CJM 2002 (vol 54 pp. 945)

Boivin, André; Gauthier, Paul M.; Paramonov, Petr V.
Approximation on Closed Sets by Analytic or Meromorphic Solutions of Elliptic Equations and Applications
Given a homogeneous elliptic partial differential operator $L$ with constant complex coefficients and a class of functions (jet-distributions) which are defined on a (relatively) closed subset of a domain $\Omega$ in $\mathbf{R}^n$ and which belong locally to a Banach space $V$, we consider the problem of approximating in the norm of $V$ the functions in this class by ``analytic'' and ``meromorphic'' solutions of the equation $Lu=0$. We establish new Roth, Arakelyan (including tangential) and Carleman type theorems for a large class of Banach spaces $V$ and operators $L$. Important applications to boundary value problems of solutions of homogeneous elliptic partial differential equations are obtained, including the solution of a generalized Dirichlet problem.

Keywords:approximation on closed sets, elliptic operator, strongly elliptic operator, $L$-meromorphic and $L$-analytic functions, localization operator, Banach space of distributions, Dirichlet problem
Categories:30D40, 30E10, 31B35, 35Jxx, 35J67, 41A30

2. CJM 1997 (vol 49 pp. 568)

Mateu, Joan
A counterexample in $L^p$ approximation by harmonic functions
For ${n \over {n-2}}\leq p<\infty$ we show that the conditions $C_{2,q}(G\setminus \dox)=C_{2,q}(G \setminus X)$ for all open sets $G$, $C_{2,q}$ denoting Bessel capacity, are not sufficient to characterize the compact sets $X$ with the property that each function harmonic on $\dox$ and in $L^p(X)$ is the limit in the $L^p$ norm of a sequence of functions which are harmonic on neighbourhoods of $X$.

Categories:41A30, 31C15

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