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1. CJM 2008 (vol 60 pp. 241)

Alexandrova, Ivana
Semi-Classical Wavefront Set and Fourier Integral Operators
Here we define and prove some properties of the semi-classical wavefront set. We also define and study semi-classical Fourier integral operators and prove a generalization of Egorov's theorem to manifolds of different dimensions.

Keywords:wavefront set, Fourier integral operators, Egorov theorem, semi-classical analysis
Categories:35S30, 35A27, 58J40, 81Q20

2. CJM 2002 (vol 54 pp. 493)

Braden, Tom
Perverse Sheaves on Grassmannians
We compute the category of perverse sheaves on Hermitian symmetric spaces in types~A and D, constructible with respect to the Schubert stratification. The calculation is microlocal, and uses the action of the Borel group to study the geometry of the conormal variety $\Lambda$.

Keywords:perverse sheaves, microlocal geometry
Categories:32S60, 32C38, 35A27

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